And there you are, waiting for your most awaited flight. Few hours after, you’ll probably be on the destination that you’ve always wanted to explore. But there’s something alluring with regards to the hustle and bustle of airports that never really gets old. Even if you’re not catching a flight, when you’re at the airport, you can’t help yourself but think about a foreign destination. 

There are some airports that will give you a different ambiance, making you feel that you’ve already arrived at your chosen destination. They allow customers to have an amazing aviation experience that feels like a trip itself. Their efficient services range from spectacular runway to world-class terminals and lounges, to name a few. Nowadays, airports compete to give you the comfort and entertainment needed while waiting for your flight. 

Majority of the airports make use of the three-lettered code, like for example, LAX refers to Los Angeles International Airport, California, which serves as a location identifier. As you enter a specific airport later on as you travel to the destination of your choice, flightstatus24 will be your companion. It is one of the world’s most popular flight tracking system allowing essential information handy for its users. Thru this, you can track planes in real time as seen on their flight tracker map and even get up-to-date flight status and airport information. Not just that, you can also be aware of the details pertaining to the aircraft such as speed, altitude, arrival and departure times, cancellations and even flight delays. 

Brace yourself as we are about to discuss these unique airports, with atmospheres and facilities you wouldn’t imagine.


Enjoy waiting for your flight while you’re in a wooden cocoon. This airport is located in Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital. Among other airports in the world, GYD is considered to be one of the highly designed airports. The most popular feature that sets it apart from the other airports is the wooden cocoons. This enhances your experience from the moment you step on their airport.

These uniquely designed cave-like cocoons offer a little haven before your flight since all airport’s facilities namely, shops, restaurants, and cafes are can be found within the cocoons. Brace yourself and enjoy the ambiance of being in a magical forest.


ICN Airport is located on an island nearby Seoul, South Korea’s capital city. It holds the title of being the cleanest and most elite airport worldwide. It has also been ranked by Skytrax for three years in a row as the second best airport in the world. 

It features a 72-hole golf course, 7 eco-gardens, and a synthetic ice rink. No doubt that ICN Airport is always ranked high on the charts. As you’ll notice, it is designed with arc-shaped terminals which resonate Korea’s typical local style. You can have a glimpse of their culture with their masque-dance performances and also allows you to hand-make your own fan with the use of traditional knitting techniques.


Be in awe as you will be greeted by water cannons and palm trees as you land at the Hamad International Airport. This airport is located in Qatar and is one of the most luxurious among the existing airports globally. It took about a decade to build this infrastructure. As per Skytrax consumer aviation, it has been ranked 5th in the world. It has approximately 30 million passengers per year.  It is absolutely huge which is comprises of 100 different buildings and built on the land. Majority of those are man-made. It is surrounded by turquoise waters and 24-hour water cannons. 

Spend time between flights to one of the exciting airports inclusive of innovative facilities and architecture which totally similar to the pieces seen in an art museum. You’ll definitely won’t want to travel any farther.


The runway in the alps is said to be the shortest in the world. Courchevel Airport is located in the French Alps. It is one of the notable airports since it comes with a touch of dangerous obstacles before you land on snow. This 525 runway, which is extremely small is then connected to the famous Courchevel Ski Resort. It was built 6500 feet above sea level. Since it was built with the highest tarmac in Europe, the said runway is reserved for specially certified pilots only. 

Courchevel is a popular winter destination for elites, George Clooney and even Prince William and Kate Middleton, to name a few. This unique ski resort with 600 kilometers of slopes to choose from and even luxurious chalets, appeared in the James Bond film entitled Tomorrow Never Dies.


Hop on in a professional flight simulator while waiting for your flight. The HKG International Airport is known to be one of the busiest airports in Asia. It has over 73,000 staff on site daily to ensure that its massive property and facilities are operating efficiently without any problems. To give a background, HKG built on the artificial island of Chek Lap Kok off the coast of Hong Kong. One of its remarkable features is the Aviation Discovery Center where you can practice landing a plane with interactive rides plus simulators. This airport also has the largest Imax theatre in all over China. 

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll find the SkyCity Nine Eagles golf course near Terminal 2 and even GreenLiveAir which is a virtual golf simulation room. 


Be ready to witness for yourself the artificial floating island airport. We all know that in Japan, the land is so scarce. Engineers then had to build Kansai Airport on an artificial island ‘Kenseya’ in Osaka Bay, which is three miles from shore. It is the longest airport in the world, being 25 miles long, and is also visible from space. You’ll definitely impress with its exterior on the water as well as the interior designs. 

The person behind this work of art is the award-winning architect Renzo Piano. It is said to be a timeless work of art. It remains still despite environmental obstacles such as earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, and rising sea levels. Don’t be afraid of being stuck on this island since you can easily catch a car, train or ferry going to the main island of Honshu.


Take a pre-flight swim and steam before traveling by air.  Just head to the health club where you can swim in the private pool and take steam at the G-Force Health Club.  DXB airport flies to almost 260 destinations. If you want to relax and sleep while waiting for your flight, you can rent a Snooze cube, a luxurious sleep pod equipped with a television and Wi-Fi. You can also see here the world’s tallest indoor slide located at the Zen garden in Terminal 3.


Step into the world’s only airport with a brewery, only in Munich, Germany. It is also consistently ranked as one of the best airports in the world. You’ll find here the Airbrau, a beer garden serving German delicacies such as sausage and sauerkraut. There are around 60 restaurants to indulge in. There’s also a mini-golf course at Visitor’s Park. This airport is glass-structures and sometimes creates its very own indoor skating rink during the Christmas holidays.