Set The Night Ablaze With Bonfire On Beaches in Destin, FL

The beaches in Destin, FL, are popular for gatherings and celebrations. The combination of a relaxed atmosphere and natural coastal beauty is an opportunity to hang out with family and friends around a bonfire. However, when you are planning a bonfire adventure with family or friends or even with your special one, there are many things to consider.

Understand the regulations and permits.

Bonfire adventures cannot be randomly organized. Each beach in Destin has a public access point, so there are specific rules regarding bonfires. It includes designated spots, permit applications and safety guidelines. Research and understand these regulations to ensure that your bonfire adventure complies with local ordinances and environmental conservation efforts.

Due to regulations, no beachfront hotels directly offer bonfire services. On the Destin Florida website, you can look for beachfront hotels that offer fire pits on their properties for guests to enjoy. These are smaller and blaze in a controlled setting but don’t involve the full beach bonfire experience. However, it can still offer a cozy, romantic evening experience.

The alternative to enjoy a bonfire experience near your hotel is –

Public beach access 

Destin [Okaloosa County] itself has fire restrictions on its beaches. Fortunately, a short drive lays the Walton County and 30A, where cracking bonfires illuminate the night sky.

· Miramar Beach [beach access #49]

This is the closest public beach access from Destin that allows bonfires. There is a vast parking lot with convenience, like restrooms and access to the beach. It is a popular spot where you will share experiences with many bonfire enthusiasts.

· 907 Scenic Gulf Drive

You get a more secluded setting with access to ample space to spread out and enjoy your bonfire privacy. In comparison to beach access #49, parking lot and restroom facilities are limited. However, getting a parking spot is not so hard because the beach is a daytime attraction.

· Dune Allen 

For a unique experience, consider Dune Allen, located on the Western side of Santa Rosa. The beach has pristine white sand and rolling dunes. It offers convenience and has a short ramp walk from the parking lot to the beach.

· Ed Walline

On 30A, Santa Rosa, you will come across the Ed Walline public beach. It has a restroom, a closeby parking lot, a lookout tower and picnic shelters with beautiful views.

· Santa Clara 

Santa Clara access is located at scenic 30A East in Seagrove Beach. It has a longer ramp to the beach from the parking lot, but a restroom is available.

When you choose a location for your bonfire adventure, consider factors like accessibility, availability of fire pits or designated bonfire areas, proximity to amenities, and surrounding beauty.


The ambiance is cool, but fire safety is a top priority. Walton County and 30A need permits for all bonfires on public beaches. You can get them online or at the Walton County Parks and recreational office at a nominal fee. These permits often include guidelines on fire safety, including fire size and clean-up responsibilities.

Limitations of bonfire pits, even with permits

Walton County lies in the east of Destin, which allows permits on some public beaches. However, the permits also have some restrictions, even in Walton County.

  • You can use a contained fire pit with an attached bottom.
  • The pit must not be larger than 4 feet in diameter.
  • Fire cannot be built directly on the sand.

So, you will need to consider to –

  • Rent a fire pit
  • Purchase a disposable pit from the local stores
  • Hire a bonfire service package [handles the permits, fire pit setup, firewood delivery, chairs, and s’mores kit.

Essential supplies for a successful beach bonfire adventure

Gather the essential supplies, which will include firewood, lighter/matches, kindling, and a sturdy fire pit [rent or buy a disposable one]. Consider comfortable chairs, snacks, and blankets for spending a warm, cozy evening under the stars with a blazing bonfire.

Prioritize safety

Before you start a fire, choose a location that will have minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Choose an area where the fire will not infringe upon vegetation, dunes, or wildlife habitats. Avoid setting a bonfire very close to the water edge to prevent extinguishing or flooding the fire pit with high tides. Buy firewood from reputable local sources to avoid depleting or damaging natural habitats. Refrain from removing or disturbing any live vegetation.

Once the bonfire is lit and the festivities commence, maintain a safe distance from flames. Make sure every participant is careful about the fire safety protocols. Keep a fire extinguisher or a supply of water close by. Designate a responsible person to monitor the fire at all times.

Before you depart the beach, thoroughly extinguish the fire. Make sure there are no remains of smoldering embers. Clean all the traces of the bonfire, including leftover trash or debris. Leave the beach in the same pristine condition it was in when you arrived.

Tips to enjoy the bonfire adventure

Beyond the flames, there are lots of things to do in Destin Florida. While the fire burns, everyone participating can enjoy beach activities like swimming, Frisbee, and volleyball or relax with some cool music. Add a fun culinary element using roasting sticks to toast marshmallows.

You can cook hot dogs or make s’mores over the fire. Set the mood for the gathering with music playing on portable speakers or a friend tinkling on his guitar.

Bonfire parties always coincide with beautiful sunsets. Enjoy the sun disappearing on the horizon and experience the darkness setting in with skies full of twinkling stars.

For couples, a bonfire is the centerpiece but incorporates romantic activities like taking a walk along the moonlit shore, hand-in-hand or collecting seashells as keepsakes. Write love messages on sand illuminated by the flickering firelight.


Destin, FL, offers no access to bonfires on the beach, but Walton County nearby provides permits for some public beach access. Understand the regulations and permit requirements for specific public beach access. Remember, safety is a top priority; always follow the fire safety guidelines. In this way, you can responsibly enjoy a beach bonfire adventure without disturbing the local ecosystem and preserving the area’s nature beauty.