A Perfect Way To Plan Out A LGBT Wedding Here In Mexico

As Mexico has now become a gay-friendly city, it has become a perfect destination for these same-sex weddings. It is one of the first large metropolises in Latin America that legalized same-sex marriage in the year 2010. One of the popular towns that are perfect for this destination wedding is a place named Cancun in Mexico.

Same-sex marriage

Since the year 2015, the Supreme Court has announced that all marriages that are done on the Mexican ground will be recognized as legal in the country at the federal level. This was a move that was then followed by other countries that are now progressing towards full legalization. In fact, if you just want to enjoy the union without any paperwork, you can still do so.

About Cancun

Cancun has earned a good reputation as an LGBT party hotspot. There are beautiful beaches around and some great culture. As it is said to have the world’s second-largest reef, divers from all over the world come over to experience this world-class snorkeling. If you are a history lover, then there are Mayan monuments and ruins to explore. Even for shopping lovers, there are many luxury boutiques around the hotel district.

So, if you are that LGBT couple who is planning to tie the knot, then you will be happy to have this beautiful destination named Cancun. The best wedding planner for the Riviera Cancun Weddings is the Acamaya Weddings which has almost 10+ years of experience to create that special moment for you. You will be happy to book your perfect Wedding packages that include the banquet, furniture, floral decoration, DJ, etc.

Here are some tips for organizing a perfect LGBT Wedding here in Cancun Mexico:

  • Find the resources: There are plenty of ways to identify a perfect wedding destination for LGBT. There are sites that can give you ideas about wedding venues, accommodation, officiants, ministers, and even DJs in case you need them. You will also get contacts from the best wedding planners here in Mexico who can offer you the best packages.
  • Decide upon the destination: Destination is one of the most important things and to find a perfect one that suits your need will be a little difficult. As you have lots of options available, you will need to narrow down your choice depending on your personal needs. Some of the gay-friendly options would be Cancun, The Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Los Cabos, and many more.
  • Chose a good package: As Mexico is a great destination for all LGBT couples, it also has all the necessary elements to complete the wedding. You can check for some good packages in Cancun which offer the best wedding packages. Some include VIP check-in, a bottle of sparkling wine, a ceremony venue, and some great tropical flowers.

Mexico is thus a great place, that offers a vibrant and welcoming environment with all the great hotels. It also has everything from nightlife where you can shop, dine and have a lot of cultures. You can contact and learn more about The Acamaya Weddings on their LinkedIn site too.