7 Best Batik Shops in Yogyakarta You Must Visit

Batik is a cloth motif on the island of Java. Each region on the island of Java has its characteristics of Batik cloth. Yogyakarta is no exception. Many tourists take the time to buy batik as souvenirs for their families at home. A visit to Yogyakarta is incomplete if you haven’t bought Batik.

Want to know where you can buy batik cloth comfortably, affordable, and have the best quality? Below is the review.

  1. Batik Benang Ratu – Affordable Batik Shop in Yogyakarta

Batik cloth at the Batik Benang Ratu shop is indeed famous for being affordable. It feels like if you go to Yogyakarta and want to find batik souvenirs, you must stop by this batik shop. So far, we think that if you want to find batik. Therefore, at an affordable price, look for it in the market. But it turns out that there are affordable batik shopping places in Yogyakarta that don’t have to go to the market and comfortable because they are equipped with AC facilities. In the afternoon, in Yogyakarta, it is pretty hot.

The batik cloth collection at the Batik Benang Ratu Shop, which is located in front of Jogjatronik, is also very complete. Starting from Batik Printing, Batik Cap to Batik Tulis. And reportedly, the owner of Batik Benang Ratu is a direct batik producer from Pekalongan. So how come it’s not affordable, it’s the manufacturer who sells it directly.

  1. Hamzah Batik Malioboro – Batik Shop in Yogyakarta which is famous for being good and affordable

For travelers from within the country and abroad, Hamzah Batik Malioboro is a shop for shopping for souvenirs related to batik. It stands on three floors, with the first floor dedicated to batik in all its forms. There are fabrics, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s, to accessories. While the second and third floors are for souvenirs and more traditional crafts, ranging from musical instruments to home decorations. If you go to Yogyakarta, don’t forget to stop by this shop. Although there is no bargaining, the price is quite affordable.

  1. Beringharjo Market – The Most Complete Batik Shop in Yogyakarta

As the oldest market in Yogyakarta that has existed since 1758, the batik collection at Beringharjo Market is quite complete, from affordable prices to millions is available in this market. Starting from batik cloth with various patterns sold by hundreds of vendors to batik clothes from various materials can also be found in this market. This market is located in the Malioboro area, which is very crowded. Therefore, you can make a bargain in this market. As additional tips to get the best price, you can come in the early morning as the first costumer or in the afternoon before half past three.

  1. Batik Yudhistira – Affordable and Quality Batik Shop in Yogyakarta

Those who want to buy affordable batik, buy a batik uniform for the family, or maybe a beautiful batik dress. You can directly go to Batik Yudhistira. You can sort and choose what you want here. If you want to get a special price, you can buy in bulk. As a shop that sells batik wholesale, don’t expect such super quality and unique new designs. But you can find a decent product in every fashion style in every size.

  1. Batik Winotosastro

It has been established since 1940, batik lovers must come to this shop! In addition to selling batik, Batik Winotosastro also provides batik classes. Those interested will be taught directly by the experts because Batik Winotosastro intends to make batik a Javanese tradition that is deeply rooted in all its authentic processes.

Anyway, at Batik Winotosastro you will have lots of fun. You can also see firsthand the making of batik because here there is also a factory making batik clothes and batik accessories. Although batik printing has mushroomed with striking colors, Batik Winotosastro still maintains its trademark’s traditional batik. But of course, with the innovation of various bright colors that began to be developed. About the quality, no need to ask again! That’s great!

  1. Rumah Batik

Since the first, Rumah Batik is famous for its various and unique batik creations. The product choices are also complete with various motifs, there are batik clothes, batik shirts, batik dresses, batik skirts, and so on. But, of course, it is perfect for the quality because it is softer at a price that matches the quality, but batik making.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas, and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Yogyakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.