3 Popular Malls to Visit in UAE

If you want to make your shopping hassle-free and you want to purchase good quality products, then you should visit malls. The mall makes your life easier because you can go there and purchase multiple items at the same time. Depending on the area there are two types of malls small and big which offers different numbers of stores. Malls are easy and handy for our society; with multiple shopping malls at the same location bringing access to different opportunities for consumers. Shops in malls offer almost everything, that we use in our daily life, moreover, they also offer a verity of foods. If you want to make your shopping experience unforgettable with amazing entertainment and food, then visit malls.

Books, electronics, clothes, shoes, and bags for kids to adults, you can get almost everything from your favorite mall. If you want to take a break from busy and exhausting life, then go for shopping at the nearer mall to you. Mall is a place where you can get all in one, and also you can hang out with your friends to make your weekends memorable. In this blog, some must-visit malls are shortlisted to make your life hassle-free.

1- City Centre Deira

City Centre Deira is the first ever mall that opened in Dubai, and it further ruled the Industry afterwards other malls were constructed. This shopping mall is massively huge with 317 retail shops offering multiple products and other services. Besides shopping, this mall offers a lot of other entertainment for kids and adults as well. You can let your kids play at Magic Planet which is located in a popular indoor family arcade. You can watch your favourite animated movies with your friends or family as well at VOX cinemas while shopping for your favourite products. Book your visit with the Booking.com voucher code and shop for numerous high-quality products from this mall.

2- Marina Mall

Marina Mall is located in the prime location of Dubai with boasting facilities that will make sure that your shopping experience was exquisite. This four-story mall offers 140 outlet stores, that offer almost everything of your need. This mall not only offers a shopping facility, but it also provides many entertainment sources for kids and adults as well. Every inch of this mall is designed luxuriously from starting gate to end with a waterfront set up and lobby. This mall offers the best dining services by providing you with a variety of food. Visit this mall with your friends and family and make your weekend special with shopping and a lot of fun.

3- Yas Mall

Yas Mall is located in the centre of the famous Yas Island which is famous for providing a lot of facilities with shopping. This mall is 15 minutes away from Abu Dhabi International Airport and is proud of satisfying every visitor and customer. This consists of a large number of stores providing a wide range of brands and good quality products. Aside from shopping you can enjoy a lot of entertainment and have fun in this mall with your family or friends. You can visit the screen cinema to watch movies and allow you’re your family into an exciting family fun zone which offers a lot of entertainment.