7 Tips to Win Your Next Photo Contest

Capturing beautiful moments, unique things, and serene landscapes is the talent and passion of photographers worldwide. To showcase your talent, photo contests are a great platform for connecting with people, showing your photography skills, and winning amazing prizes. For a new photographer defeating famous and experienced photographers is tough but incredibly motivating. However, they know the nuances of photography, and to compete with them, a beginner photographer needs to know some essential tips. These incredible tips help you to level up your photography and increase your chances of winning the contest. It requires a blend of innovation, creativity, technical skills, strategic mindset, and power to see the uniqueness in certain things. In this blog, we will shed light on important tips you have to follow to win an epic photo contest and increase your reach.

Confirm the Theme

Most of the photo contests like https://www.viewbug.com/photo-contests specify a particular theme like tourist spots, sunset views, minimalistic, seasonal, rural, etc. It’s crucial to double-check and confirm the topic before taking photos to make it align with that specific theme. Remember that even a most alluring photograph gets rejected if it does not align with the theme.

Read the Rules

It’s essential to read the photo contest’s official rules and regulations to avoid any mistakes or confusion. The rules define the theme, deadline, quality, quantity, criteria, dimensions, enhancements, etc, for the photos. Examine carefully what is and is not permitted under the contest rules and regulations. Adhering to the rules and guidelines eliminates the chances of disqualification and increases the chances of winning a high number of photography awards.

Stand out from the Crowd

Judges want something unique and different from what others are presenting. This is generally the primary criterion for shortlisting the photos to decide the winner. Avoid common shots and pictures that judges must have seen before. Try unexplored places, play with colors, choose unexpected subjects on the theme, or create visual depth that no one else can do.

Tell an Impactful story

A picture is an art that speaks 1000 words. It depends on the perspective, mindset, and creative vision of the person clicking and viewing it. Capture pictures that evoke emotions, connect to the heart, and resonate with viewers and judges. It should tell a story that causes a long-lasting impression on the viewer’s mind and heart.

Technical Perfection

Pay deep attention to the technical aspects of the photo, like clarity, focus, exposure, sharpness, hues, brightness, highlights, etc. A technically flawless image has a higher chance of getting selected over an image with a blurry background, burnt highlights, and exploded pixels.

Write Captivating Description

Undoubtedly, your winning mainly depends on the photo, but a captivating description multiplies that winning chance. Describe what the photo is about, how you got the idea, and what struggles you faced while clicking it. Give a creative description of the time you clicked the photograph and a view of the surrounding area. Ensure not to exaggerate the description and keep it short and crisp.

Focus on Details

Capturing a generic image is common, but capturing small details through macro shots and close-ups can make a significant impact on your winning chances. Macro shots unravel the beauty of the things that often go unnoticed in the whole picture. Make use of lines in your composition to bring the viewer’s attention to the image and toward the main subject. It’s great to experiment with different lighting situations, such as golden hour, to present something new and unique.


In the world of amazing photographers, top-class technology, artistic talent, and unique perspective, standing out from the crowd is necessary to win. It demands creativity, passion, dedication, and a will to try something new and unique. A creative approach and strategic mindset help photographers to capture the interest of the contest judges in the photo and increase winning chances. Try to explore unexplored, unique, and unconventional stories and subjects that are rarely discussed. At last, focus on minute details, technical excellence, angle theory, and your artistic vision to elevate your work.