10 Ways to Keep Your Wedding As Simple As Possible

Planning a wedding can be hectic and draining, both physically, emotionally, and emotionally. If you are not careful, a wedding can turn out to be your worst nightmare. So many things that can go wrong and sometimes when it rains, it pours. So how german wedding venues do you keep your wedding simple? Here are a few to avoid getting into a mess on your D-day.

Keep the Guest List to a Manageable Level

If you are looking to have an intimate wedding, the smaller the guest list, the more manageable. Making the guest list small keeps it manageable, both in terms of planning and budget-wise. However, small is relative, and while to one person, 100 people are a small number, and someone else will consider 500 guests manageable. It is just a matter of preference.

Hire a Wedding Consultant

If you think hiring a wedding consultant is expensive, consider the expense if you are wedding is botched by poor planning. If you want to simplify the process of wedding planning, hire a wedding consultant who will take care of all the tiny details and ensure your wedding runs without hitches. Some hotels, such as the Ayana Mid Plaza Jakarta Hotel, offer wedding packages. A wedding package Hotel Jakarta style will save you a lot of trouble on your wedding day by taking the pressure off. 

Have the Marriage Ceremony and Reception in the Same Venue

Ensure you choose a venue that can host the entire wedding event, from the marriage service to the reception. Doing this removes from your shoulders the stress of shuttling guests to and forth.

Go For an All-Inclusive Venue

To simplify the entire event, go for an all-inclusive venue. Venues that offer all-inclusive packages can host guests and have all the necessary amenities in place. They have enough space, catering, on-site coordination, rentals, cake, guest accommodation, and staff, honeymoon arrangements, etc.

Make it Short

No rule says how long weddings should last. Please work with your wedding consultant to reduce the event program, and have it choreographed to fit an acceptable time frame for you. You do not want your wedding guests bored to death, listening to long and winding speeches. Keep it short, sweet, and simple!

Don’t Stress

Your wedding will be only as fun as you make it. It is your day, and however simple or elaborate it is, remember you are not in a competition for the world’s best wedding. You need to appreciate what you have and make the best of it. Wishing for things you cannot have will land you into debt. Do not stress about what you do not have and work with what you do have.

Have Caterers

If you do not manage to pay for a hotel package, complete with catering, then at least hire caterers who will cook on the D-day. Do not accept help from family members or friends to cook. It is easier to deal with a paid caterer when things go awry than deal with family or friends.

Make the Invitations Simple

Invitations are just that. Invitations, however, fancy will just cost you more for nothing. Make simple invitation cards and save yourself some cash. As they say, simple is more.

Keep the Decorations to a Minimum

To keep your wedding simple, stick to simple decorations. The most expensive weddings have straightforward decorations. Too many decorations at the wedding have the opposite effect and make it look less garish.

Hold the Wedding Early in the Day

Hold your wedding early in the day so that if you have any guests coming from far, they can drive back in good time. Holding it early also gives you enough time afterward to freshen up for the evening party!


Having a wedding coordinator plan your wedding saves you a lot of trouble and money. Taking a hotel package also makes everything easier. Most packages include a wedding consultant who guides you throughout the whole process, leaving you and your guests to enjoy the wedding.