Adventurous sports that you can try out in Menorca

Menorca is a place that has a lot to offer to people who loves to try out adventurous sports. After you halt in any luxury villas in Menorca the next thing that you should do is look for the adventure sports that you can try out. Your Menorca villa holidays can be a real adventure.

Mountain Biking: In Menorca, one will get several challenging terrains offered by Cami de Cavall and it is a great place for the mountain bikers. This trail is having some rocky sections along with tight turns so if you are an experienced mountain biker then you should definitely try this place. You can also take the guided ride. The entire trail is filled with poppy fields and green meadows. You will be riding over the sand dunes and the paths that will lead you to the deserted beach.

Scuba Diving: This is a place that has a huge number of caves, coves, and beaches and which is why exploring underwater is one of the best adventurous sports in Menorca. One can go to any secluded cove in order to try out the scuba diving.

Trekking: In order to try out trekking you can use the trails offered by Cami de Cavalls 360. You will be discovering a lot of new things when you will be on your way of trekking. If you opt for the whole trekking of the Island then it will take near about two weeks. The total distance of 186 km is divided into 20 different stages so every day you will have to achieve each of them in order to explore the island. One can also opt for individual routes in order to experience some short walk.

Kayaking: Kayaking is one of the most interesting water sports that you can try out whenever you are in Menorca. It is not only one of the most enjoying exercises, but you will also be able to explore several coastal caves as well. In your kayaking tour, you can also opt for snorkeling where you will be exploring the underwater before you are returning back from your journey of kayaking. One will be spellbound after looking into the coves that are aqua blue in color.

Horse Riding: Horse Riding is another fancy adventurous sports that you can try out in Menorca. You will have to visit Cami de Cavalls for the experience of this sport. You can discover all the views of the panoramic cliff and hidden beaches while you are riding.

Proper safety must be ensured whenever you are trying out any adventurous sports, especially if you are a newbie.