Not Ready to Go All-Out Camping? Try This

Camping is pretty fun, but maybe you don’t enjoy sleeping on the ground in a tent. Roughing it might be a good idea until you’re actually doing it. If you want to try camping, but you’re unsure whether you’ll have a nice time, why not consider a camper van hire? This allows you to get out into the wide world and take a vacation, but it makes easing into it a bit simpler. Here’s what you need to know when you decide to hire a campervan.

Size of the Van

The arrangement you choose will be largely dependent on how many people will be sleeping in the campervan. If you are going alone or with just one other person, you have several choices. However, if you’re taking kids along or there are more than two of you, you’ll need to be sure that the campervan you choose has enough room for all of you. Some campervans are solely for sleeping, but others have a shower inside that makes them ideal for longer camping trips.


One of the best reasons to do a camper van hire is that they often come with some extra amenities that make your camping trip more enjoyable and convenient. Some campervans come with bedding but be sure you check, or you could have to pay an extra fee to cover it. Other amenities that you can choose for your camper van include a kitchen kit, which makes it handy to prepare meals. You can also opt for child safety seats, bikes, a bike rack and a vehicle kit. Having the right amenities is vital for creating a camping trip you’ll love.

Benefits of a Campervan

In addition to the comfort and convenience mentioned above, there are some other great reasons to choose camper van hire for your next vacation. Your campervan allows you to enjoy camping even when the weather outside is less than ideal because you’ll be warm and dry inside. You can park your campervan in many camping sites, so you’ll get to choose where you stay. Sleeping in a campervan is also a safe choice as you’ll be less exposed and can lock yourselves inside during the night, something that offers peace of mind if you’re camping with children. Another perk is that you can camp longer if your campervan has a shower because you can get cleaned up and enjoy more time out in the great outdoors.

Tips for Your Campervan Trip

Make sure that you can drive your campervan before departure so that nothing interferes with your holiday. It’s also a good idea to be sure that you can park your campervan where you plan to camp. Some sites restrict vehicles and you need to know that before you leave. Plan your meals and snacks so that you can do all the shopping for your camping trip before you leave. Otherwise, you’ll have to find a store and that can be difficult when you’re out in the wilds.