Some of the Interesting But Less Known Facts about Pizza

From the inception until the contemporary period, pizza has been the centre of attraction not only for its delicious taste and nutrition but also for numerous curious facts and factors across the centuries. Pizza originated with a humble beginning as “poor man’s food and the nobles never liked to get associated with pizza in Italy the cradle of modern pizza. But as it got royal patronage, it eventually grew to the top in popularity and crossed the international boundaries in Europe and America. Today, pizza is the most known name in every country around the world and the most favourite dish of every individual who can afford it and avail it. Get your most favourite pizza from the Double Pizza Montreal for the incredible taste of pizza you have ever experienced. Know some of the most interesting but less known or unknown facts about pizza below.

The first pizza that ordered through computer took place in 1974. The “speaking computer” test carried out by the Artificial Language Laboratory-Michigan State wanted to carry out their test and they did that by placing an order of pepperoni, ham, mushroom and sausage pizza.

One of the discussed names among the pizza chefs is Tom Lehman the eminent “Dough Doctor” who works with the American Institute of Banking since 1967. The Dough Doctor is often consulted by numerous chefs around the world when they get confused on pizza recipes. One of the most confusing requests he faced was about low-carb dough during the pick of the Atkins diet.

Many famous names around the world are linked with pizza. Bill Murray and Stephen Baldwin worked at the pizza restaurants, and Jean-Claude Van Damme worked as pizza delivery boy. The famous movie “Pizza Man” released in 2011 is the only pizza-themed film where the hero Frankie Muniz acted as a pizza delivery guy and incidentally got superpower by consuming a genetically engineered tomato.

Pizza played a key role in catching a criminal serial killer named “Grim Sleeper” in 2010. An undercover police officer could take a DNA sample of the criminal from a slice of pizza the criminal ate. Besides this, pizza also has helped prevent crimes on many occasion. In one of such cases, a pizza delivery guy threw the hot pizza at the face of the robbers during the confrontation and escaped damage in 2008. Similarly, a woman pretended to order pizza and called 911 to escape a burglary and sexual assault in 2014.