Where To Go Paddle Boarding In The UK

If you crave the simple satisfaction of cool waves beneath you and refreshing wind in your face, standup paddleboarding in the UK is the ideal pastime for you. While paddleboarding is all about you, your board and the waves, you can also engage in this activity with your loved ones to make it all the more adventurous and enjoyable. Standup paddleboarding is an activity that your whole family can do together. You can enjoy the water and bond while you partake in an activity that is both exciting and physically rewarding.

Here are several places where you can enjoy and perfect the art of standup paddleboarding in the UK:

  1. Alverthorpe Meadows, Wakefield, West Yorkshire


You can enjoy the walk around the Alverthorpe Meadows and find lots of paddleboarding opportunities here. At the back of Wrenthorpe Park is a great stream for paddling with several entry points, as well as a large playground for children to enjoy. These several entry points can be used as a great way to practise your paddle boarding skills.

  1. Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire

Located at the crossroads of the Priory’s lay workers, the stepping stones are synonymous with Bolton Abbey. Today’s visitor can take on the 60 stepping stones in a fun and challenging way. A bridge provides a safe and dry crossing option for those who do not wish to use the stepping stones. The tranquil Bolton Abbey is situated in the perfect way for you to be able to enjoy your paddleboarding session while taking in the quaint view.

  1. Ellerton Lake

The lake is open to paddle boarders, canoeists, and kayakers, but you must wear life jackets or buoyancy aids. Get your paddleboard and enjoy a great day on the water. The large car park makes it easy to get into the lake for all watersports that don’t require motors. For more experienced paddleboarders, the 60 acres of fresh water provide plenty of opportunities for your enjoyment, while beginners and younger children can make use of the quieter bays situated around the Ellerton lake.

  1. Yeadon Tarn

Paddle boarding is a popular activity on Yeadon Tarn, a freshwater lake in North Leeds. Do not worry about the water as it is sheltered, therefore it is also safe. Join a paddleboarding class that takes place at the Yeadon Tarn and enjoy a new activity that is sure to keep your heart soaring and blood pumping.

  1. The River Ouse

Yorkshire’s Ouse River is actually a continuation of the Ure River. After passing through Linton, the Ure becomes the Ouse, which continues through York. Trent Falls is where it joins the River Trent after passing through Selby and Goole, which are also great spots for paddle boarding. The Canal & River Trust manages the Linton to Goole stretch, a fantastic river for touring paddlers and multi-day adventures. The River Ouse in Yorkshire can be quite exposed in certain places due to its size. As a matter of good practice, you should check the weather, wind and water levels before you go out for a paddle.

Paddleboarding is a great way to relax and find your inner peace. It undeniably promotes mental well-being and soothes the soul. With outdoor activities in the UK, you get all the physical fitness you need while also getting some much needed vitamin D from basking in the sunlight and oxygen.

What’s more, standup paddleboarding also comes with an innate thirst for adventure. Browse Beyonk for an extensive range of activities available all across the country. Before you know it you’ll be looking for the next lake or river where you can paddleboard while taking in magnificent scenery.