Tourist Attractions in Torquay, United Kingdom


If you’re a history fanatic and love beautiful scenery, you’ll find plenty of attractions to keep you and your family entertained in Torquay. In this article, you’ll learn about Paignton Pier, Kents Cavern Prehistoric Caves, Anstey’s Cove, the Agatha Christie Mile as well as the Royal Citadel. Torquay also has plenty of other fun-filled, exciting activities to keep you busy, so you can find something to do for every interest. There are also a number of award-winning bed & breakfasts that are within in close proximity to all of these tourist attractions such as Melba House.

Kents Cavern Prehistoric Caves

Visitors to the Geopark’s cave will learn the history of prehistoric man and the evolution of fire in a lovely underground restaurant. The caves are 400 million years old and were used as shelter by prehistoric people for thousands of years. There is also evidence of the first use of iron tools and fire in the caves by prehistoric humans.

Paignton Pier

Paignton Pier is a pleasure pier in Paignton, Devon. It was built in 1870, funded by a local barrister, Arthur Hyde Dendy, and designed by George Soudon Bridgman. Today, the pier still has its charm and is a popular tourist attraction. Its historical significance is undisputed, but many people simply come to see the pier for the view.

Anstey’s Cove

Anstey’s Cove is a small beach near the English Riviera. Its crystal-clear water is backed by a heavily forested area. Walking along the beach is free. Anstey’s Cove is ideal If you’re looking for a quiet shingle beach. This beautiful, secluded spot offers a great view of the sea and nearby woodland. There’s even a beach cafe where you can enjoy a drink and a slice of homemade cake. To get to the beach, you’ll need to walk a short distance along the coast path. It is a guarantee that you will find only the best bed and breakfast accommodations in Torquay around Anstey’s Cove.

Royal Citadel

The Royal Citadel in Plymouth, United Kingdom, was built in the late 1660s. It was designed by Sir Bernard de Gomme and sits on Plymouth Hoe, overlooking the Plymouth Sound and encompassing an earlier fort. It has been a popular tourist attraction since it was first built. Today, it is a must-see attraction. While visiting Torquay, you must visit this fort to see it in person.

Agatha Christie Mile

To celebrate the centenary of the world-famous British crime writer Agatha Christie, the city of Torquay, United Kingdom, has created a kilometre-long path that follows the author’s steps along the seafront. The route passes places that inspired the writer and her novels. There are seven unique plaques along the route as well as many luxury accommodations to stay at if you’re planning to visit Torquay.

In conclusion, Torquay has a wide range of tourist attractions to suit the likes and interests of many people. If you are looking for your next vacation destination and want to make unforgettable memories, Torquay should definitely be at the top of your list!