Frequently Asked Questions about ETIAS Application

ETIAS has acquired the popularity in many countries already. The rumor is spread before the time of action. And thus, many travelers are already looking for some answers already. This article will help you answering the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ETIAS system. 

FAQs about ETIAS System

What is the validity of ETIAS visa application?

Once the application is approved, it might stretch the validity for 3 years or till the validity of the travel documentation submitted before. Moreover, the evaluation of the system is a prior factor to decide as to whether the applicant will receive first period or second period of validity depending on the risk. 

What to do when ETIAs application is denied?

The applicant can adjust their application or might be able to try again if their application is denied initially. However, this process is dependent on the reasoning of denial solely. If the applicant is involved in any type of criminal activity, their application will be denied further. But an applicant can definitely apply for ETIAS application for than once. 

Documentation required for ETIAS authorization?

The prior documents requirement is a valid passport of the applicant which must include the following information: 

  • A readable passport by the machine: In order to check the same, you must have a digital code or line of numbers which is generally the combination of symbols, numbers and letters
  • A digital photograph of the applicant on the passport
  • A passport Chip: however, this might not be mandatory for every country

In case the passport is not from the list of countries mentioned under the ETIAS visa application, applicant will not be eligible for the application. In such a case, they must apply for the Schengen Zone visa to travel in the respective zone. 

However the application will only be valid effecting from 1st January 2021 only.