4 Types of Non-Traditional Living Arrangements to Consider

Tired of living in a house, apartment or condo? You don’t have to be limited to living a conventional lifestyle if you are open to new possibilities. If you are yearning to try something different with your day-to-day experiences, here are four types of non-traditional living arrangements that you can try.

1. Live Anywhere You Want in Travel Trailers

The beauty of living in a travel trailer is that they allow you to literally go just about anywhere you want and set up a new residence. Travel trailers come in a variety of sizes, some are tow-behind models while others are drivable motor coaches. You can enjoy all the comforts of a traditional home on a smaller scale, enjoy less expense and travel the country at will when you live the RV lifestyle.

2. Reside On a Live-aboard Boat

Water lovers often consider what living on a boat would be like. Essentially, this is a minimalist lifestyle that even surpasses that of those living in small travel trailers—unless you invest in a luxury yacht or similar sized vessel. However, most boat dwellers opt for multi-hulled catamarans, sailboats, houseboats and other options that are smaller, but adequate living spaces.

3. Long-Term Hotel Stays

If you want daily room service and absolutely no bills to pay monthly, a long-term stay in a hotel, motel or Air B&B type of situation can put your mind at ease. Depending on your situation and where you stay, this can be an affordable experience or a top-dollar splurge. The good news is that the longer you agree to stay in a hotel, the steeper the discount will be.

4. House Sitting Arrangements

Enjoy a rent-free lifestyle by agreeing to take care of someone else’s home while they are gone. House sitting can be very lucrative in certain situations, allowing you to explore new regions whenever you choose. You can literally get paid to stay and keep an eye on things while spending your days however you choose.