Camping Made Stylish – 5 Ways to Make Your Trip Feel like a Luxury Experience

Let’s get real for a second. Camping, for some people, is personal hell. There are bugs everywhere, it rains on you, you suddenly feel like you’re a survivor in an apocalypse. It’s not for those who aren’t obsessed with the outdoors. But what about the rest of us? The ones that love the greenery, the fresh air, the birds, but don’t want to be covered in mud and twigs? Glamping is the solution. Glamping has taken the world by storm as a way to get out of the house without sacrificing your dignity. Want to find out ways to achieve a luxury camping holiday? Read on!

1. Luxury camper van hire

Right off the bat we’re going to start with the most obvious solution. You want to drive out into the countryside, take in the fresh air, watch the cows grazing…but where do you sleep? A luxury camper van hire means you can do all those lovely things above but the safety of shelter. The bigger vans have everything you need: toilet, shower, hot water and sink – the luxuries! Heating throughout, an oven, a hob and a fridge! Brilliant. You can fit your bike onto the back of some models and relax with the radio and TV. Bliss. Oh yes, and camp of course. Can’t forget that…

2. Light up the place

If you want to sit outside in the night, having a huge sturdy torch by your side isn’t the most romantic or calming thing. So why not grab some solar fairy lights? These nifty things don’t need to plugged in, they usually are connected to a stake which simply goes into the soft ground, with the solar panel on top of it. It’s a great way to have light that isn’t bad for the environment and won’t put you out of pocket. Just make sure you arrange them so no ones going to trip up!

3. Scented Candles

Sitting outside can also be a hassle if you hate bugs, which most people do. Buzzing doesn’t irritate everyone, biting definitely does. Scented candles are great because they provide calming light, they give off a lovely scent and some of them actually repel bugs. Great!

4. Picnics

Eating in your camper is probably nice and comfortable, but you came out here to get some sun and relax, right?! So a picnic is a great idea. Invest in a thick picnic blanket to feel luxurious. You can also grab a fold out picnic table if you’d rather not sit on the floor.

5. Solar powered speaker

Are you ready for this? You’re sitting outside, your phone isn’t loud enough and you want to play some music. So, what do you do? You grab a solar powered portable speaker. Powered by the sun, doesn’t need changing and can easily be set up on a small outdoor table you’ve brought from home (another tip). A great way to kick off those camping days.