Best Methods for the Best Child Entertaining Options Now

Your sweetie is so precious that when we see toys, we immediately think about our toddler, and we buy it. But how many times have we already bought a toy for the little one, who in the end does not like him? He does not touch him or even look at him.

But how to avoid such problems?

Indeed, toys, like any other childcare material, should not be chosen at random. Criteria must be taken into consideration, the most important of which is age. But how do you know if this or that toy is suitable for your child? Immediately the details. A visit to happens to be essential here now.

From 0 to 3 months

The first 3 months of the baby are never easy. Simply because it is especially during this period that he learns to capture sounds, look at objects and discover the touch. In addition, he spends his time sleeping. So he has little time left to discover new things. As a result, you should not overload your mind. Instead of toys, give him your hug, tenderness and all your love. He really needs it. Besides, he needs it more than toys at his age.

4 to 6 months

From 4 months, baby begins to discover and see those around him. It is also from this age that baby begins to catch toys and manipulate objects. This is the best opportunity to give him a toy. In this sense, to increase its development and ensure the development of baby, it is better to opt for soft toys, soft toys, rattles, bath toys and toys.

Toys for baby’s awakening

6 to 9 months

For 6 months, baby begins to take the objects, sucks and chews. He also begins to know how to turn around, catch his feet and sit. In addition, he begins to enjoy the bath because he considers it a game apart. But that’s not all. This is also the moment when he takes for the first time, food on his teaspoons. This is the perfect time to offer you soft toys, soft toys, teething rings, play mats and early learning toys.

From 10 months to 1 year

Around 10 months, baby spends his time emptying and filling, closing and opening, whether boxes, cupboards or pans. He knows how to crawl, move and make a lot of gestures. He also knows how to build towers and roll balloons. Give him music boxes, trotters, early learning books, pull toys and stackable toys. Eh yes ! Baby has grown up well.

From 1 to 2 years

Finally, the moment you have waited so long has arrived: baby knows how to walk. The porters are ideal at the very beginning to allow them to stand up. At this age, children love to shoot objects and push them everywhere. He also loves playing instruments, especially if they see their parent play. You can also opt for stackable toys or small balls.

From 2 to 3 years the educational toys finally

Baby is 2 years old? Now is the time to give him the great educational toys. In addition to construction toys, balloons, dolls and stuffed toys, you can perfectly turn to figurines, modeling clay, chalk board, chalk or water paint. All this will allow your toddler to grow and expand his knowledge. You can also opt for the bike. In all cases, opt for high quality items so that your child is fully bloomed while playing.