Sailing on a Vacation: What You Need to Know

If you are not a cruise vacationer, it is best to hire a specialist. There are indeed agencies specialized in this type of travel, their advisers will answer your questions and your expectations. When we are not used to it, it is not necessarily easy to see clearly the first times. You also need to know how much a sailing holiday costs.

To each his own style

There are many kinds of cruises. Ask yourself what you really want. Would you like a rather relaxed cruise, or on the contrary with a lot of animation on board? If you’re looking to party and you’re in a senior-style cruiser, you may not be happy. A cruise on a huge boat or something more intimate? Talk to your advisor.

Study the options

Before signing up for a cruise, be sure to check out what you are entitled to for free and what to add to the base price. Some cruises are “all inclusive”, but there are others that instead offer only a basic package with many paid options. Beware of bad surprises.

Choose the destination

If you want to cruise on the sun, there are a variety of options and destinations, such as the Bahamas or the Caribbean. But sometimes, we want something other than sun. In this case do not hesitate to venture less obvious destinations like Scandinavia or Japan why not. There are hundreds of very different cruises.

Ports of Call

Depending on the cruise you choose, you will have to make more or fewer stops. Take this into account when making your reservation. Are you the type to like visiting or on the contrary to stay on the boat as much as possible in idleness?


Are you subject to seasickness? In doubt bring with you the necessary medication. Long live the anti-nauseous for a successful cruise.

On board: how is it going?

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you can inform yourself in advance of the regulations on board. Can you bring your alcohol or will it be seized while shipping? Is there a pool ? A dress code for certain parties? Ask questions before boarding!


Some boats have no frame and it is a real shame to miss an excursion because you have not woken up. Remember to bring your dial. 

Have you considered changing course for the holidays and moving away from the city and traffic jams? Why not take off with your loved ones and rent a boat? But, for your cruise to be a success, here are 3 tips to follow to live an unforgettable adventure in all serenity.

Checking the papers

Before setting sail off the Mediterranean, first think of preparing all the administrative and health formalities, as well as your boat license if you intend to rent a boat and drive it yourself.