A trip to Goa during Monsoon

In the state of Goa, the monsoon or the rainy season will be in the months of June and August. Usually, rain starts by the end of May and extend up to September but heavy rain will be in the months from June to August. As Goa is located in Konkan cost of India it gains more rain with some thunderstorm. It receives 34 inches in June, 39 inches in July and 20 inches in August. On average, there will be around 22 rainy days on June, 27 in July and 13 in August. In particular, the month of July is considered to be the wettest month of the year. Here are some top reasons for people to choose the monsoon for the Goa trip.

Super cheap

When compared to the peak seasons the flight tickets price to Goa is just half the rate and this slash-off the traveling cost. The villa near Calangute beach and other cottages offer even up to 50% offer during summers. It is easy and possible to rent scooty with the cost of INR 250 and 175.

The lushness

If you are a green lover, never Goa during monsoon! The state offers the greenest portion during this time and the lakes and ponds are filled, sometimes overflow with water. The waterfalls offer the best view so do not forget to visit Dudhsagar falls, one of the famous landmarks and it just makes you have a breathtaking moment during monsoons. You will start enjoying the tall green trees with rice paddies look that is incredible.

Mother Nature

Walking and trekking is the most pleasure-giving time in the year. Goa offers good trials to explore and some covers the Western Ghat Mountains. You may also visit the wildlife sanctuaries like Netravali Wildlife sanctuary, Bhagwan Mahavir sanctuary, and Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. Also, for birds lovers the bird sanctuary, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is the right place where birds come after a shower and you can see them with some sunlight.

Enjoy the Rain

Who is the one to say no to the rain? Goa is magical and it offers the best experience to play in the rain. If not, you can also just relax putting your feet up and admire the downpour of rain. The cloud over the Arabian Sea offers a beautiful view. You can also take a long siesta, have a cup of coffee and make a beautiful time by enjoying the beachside in the evening. A long walk in rain also offers some good marks in the state.


Goa will not shut down just because it is monsoon there are certain nightclubs are still open where you can enjoy the beautiful fun parties, rain dance and make the fun as much possible. When you stay in a villa near Calangute beach the bars are unique.

Enjoy all these factors with the great food from the right restaurant; do not forget to taste the seafood, Goanese and Kondan delicious and continental foods. Make every moment to be the best time in the tour and return back carrying memories.