Why Should You Plan a Trip to Nashville?


When you think about taking a trip to the United States, some of the main cities that first come to mind might include NYC, LA, Boston, Seattle, and Washington D.C. All of these places are excellent choices to make, of course, but why not try to do something a little less obvious? Nashville is still popular with tourists, but it isn’t always the first place on the list of places to see for many people. If you do want to have a rich experience, but also do something a little different from others, this could be a great place to take your next vacation. Below are some other reasons why Nashville is well worth a visit.

Great Food and Drink

BBQ is a staple of Southern food, and you will certainly find plenty of it in Nashville. After a long day of exploring, sitting down with some juicy wings or ribs and washing it all down with a cold beer is incredibly satisfying. You could also try some fried green tomatoes and collard greens as tasty side dishes. Whiskey fan? Then you ought to stop off and visit the Jack Daniel’s distillery to sample some great bourbon, or perhaps explore some independent local brands for something a little different. You can find out more about other exciting things to do in Nashville here.

Historical Landmarks

Nashville was founded in 1779, so there is a lot of history attached to this city, and learning about everything that has happened since the town was built centuries ago can be a fascinating experience. This includes its time during the American Revolutionary War, the Civil War, right up until the modern era, and how it became a hotspot for musicians.

It’s Musical Connections

One of the main reasons people do choose to visit Nashville is because of its reputation as a mecca for country music fans and performers. It’s a big part of the heart of this city, and many famous musicians have visited and lived in this vibrant city. You won’t struggle to find at least one live music venue that you’ll love during your visit but do make sure that you sample various establishments as there is a lot on offer, each one with an individual character.

Escape to the Countryside

While roaming the city streets is all part of the fun, sometimes being in the middle of a bustling area can get a little bit overwhelming. Another great reason to visit Nashville is that it can boast some beautiful areas outside of the urban center, so if you would like to take a break and escape into the countryside this is relatively easy to do here. Take a day or two hiking the trails in Radnor Lake State Park to help focus yourself and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding you.

There are many wonderful cities to visit in the United States, and although some of the more obvious choices can still offer you a lot, if you do want to do something a little different, think about making Nashville your next city break destination.