Valuable Pieces of Information When you Are Vising the Fraser Island

The Fraser Island offers a multitude of superb hiking trails, the most famous is the Fraser Island Great Walk: 90km to cover in 1 week. It follows the sacred footsteps of the Butchulla and passes some of the most beautiful sites on the island

75 miles beach: huge rectilinear strip of sand that stretches the entire length of the island (120km). Main attraction of the island but it has also become its highway

The various lakes located in the center of the island

  • Lake McKenzie (the most popular with its 130 ha of turquoise blue water surrounded by white sand)
  • Birrabeen lake (very similar to the previous one but less frequented and much wilder)
  • Boomanjin lake (bordered by forest and without a beach but its waters with many shades of colors make it remarkable)
  • Basin Lake (home to giant tortoises)
  • Wabby lake (emerald green in color, it is nestled between the sand dunes which adjoins a eucalyptus forest)

Eli Creek: the largest waterway on the island, it flows into the Coral Sea. A pleasant and relaxing setting for swimming

Champagne pools: natural jacuzzis on which the ocean waves crash into. This is one of the only places on the island where you can enjoy safe ocean waters.

Valley of the Giants: see the tallest and most impressive trees on the island

Pinnacles: These multi-colored sand cliffs were formed thousands of years ago by wind and waves. They are quite spectacular and well worth a short stop, it is also a sacred site for the aboriginal peoples.

Dune Wungul: gigantic sand dune that offers a breathtaking view of the island

Indian head: easternmost cape of the island. Climbing its rocks will offer you an incredible view of the ocean, the most beautiful panoramic view of the island; the place is recognized as the best point to observe dolphins, whales and sharks

Maheno Wreck: Impressive rusting hulk on the edge of the beach is the wreck of a beached boat in 1935

When and how to go?

The climate of the island is humid and hot subtropical. The best times to go are April and May then September to November. The ideal is to leave in September. Temperatures are hot (on average 19 ° c) and rainfall is very rare and weak (2 days of rain per month).

2 possibilities to access Fraser Island:

By Air: Air Fraser Island offers 20-minute flights starting at AUD $ 150 round trip from Hervey Bay

By boat (ferry and barge): Fraser Island Barges offer several daily crossings from Rivers Heads (10 km south of Hervey Bay) to Wanggoolba Creek, located on the west coast of Fraser Island. The crossing takes about 30 minutes. The company Manta Ray offers daily and without interruption (it is not necessary to book in advance) crossings about 15 minutes from Inskip Point (Rainbow Beach) at Hook Point. From Rainbow Beach the prices are lower than from River Heads since the distance to be covered is shorter.

The ideal is to leave at least 3 days. Thus, you will have time to visit the island knowing that the tide schedules can be very restrictive. And go with others to reduce costs.