The Major Attractions of the Islands in The Philippines

The Philippines could be one of your choices when you think of places to go for spending your holiday. The group of over seven thousand islands would give you a handful of choices so that you could go to The Best Islands to Visit in the Philippines according to your preferences. The islands are perfect for those tourists who are fond of spending their holidays on some beach with a mixture of both calmness and fun. Given below are some of the attractions of the best beaches in Philippines.

What are the major attractions of the best islands in Philippines?

  • White sand beaches – The Philippines has a lot of white sand beaches which give you the opportunity to enjoy the fine sand, unwind and have some relaxing time. This is perfect for those people who think of beaches more as places to have some calm than some place to get involved in water sports. The beach in El Nido, Palawan falls in this category and has been ranked as one of the best beaches in the world. You would really feel fortunate when you get the opportunity to visit this place.
  • Water activities – You would also enjoy The Best Islands to Visit in the Philippines if you are not there to just relax. If you are in El Nido, you could hire a kayak and go out to explore what are there around you. The offshore caves here could also be explored. The rugged hills in Cebu give amazing opportunities for trekking. You would also get snorkelling opportunities around the beach in this island. The beach in the island of Siargao offers amazing opportunities for surfing. The swells created due to the geographical location attracts tourists all round the world to try their hand in surfing.
  • Non-water activities – The Philippines is one of the best places to go because it gives you opportunity to enjoy even when you are not fond of being in the water. The islands have several restaurants serving the local delicacies. The Monkey Eagle Brewery in the Siargao island produces the island’s main export – General Luna Ale. You could easily spend your time having these kinds of entertainment and relaxation. You could also visit the coconut forests in the island.
  • Historical significance – The Philippines was invaded by Japan before being freed by America. Some islands were also severely bombed during World War II. Quite a few ruins have been kept unchanged to pay tribute and serve as a memory of the soldiers who lost their lives. The island of Corregidor which is an hour away from Manila by boat is famous for its military history owing to its suitable strategic location.


These are the major attractions which make The Philippines such an attractive option to spend your holidays. It caters to a wide variety of tourists, be it sea lovers or history lovers, everyone would find something or the other to entertain themselves. Moreover, the beaches are a relaxing spot for everyone to get rejuvenated and return to their daily life fresh and active.