Party Bus Service: Types & Features

Have you heard this song? This comes to our mind when we think about a party bus. For the uninitiated, a party bus is a bus that is renovated to host parties or other recreational activities. A party bus usually includes music systems, party-like lighting effects, dance floors, bars, a snacks counter, and photo booths. Some party buses even have dancing poles.

Party Bus Toronto is used for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, farewell parties, retirement parties, kitty parties, etc.

A party bus service makes you rock and roll, quite literally!

Types Of Party Buses

Standard Party Bus

A standard party bus in Toronto is the basic version of a party bus. This does not include any amenities but is great for parties that last for 2-4 hours. Basic features like seating arrangements, dance floor, lighting, and sound systems are available on a standard party bus.

Themed Party Bus

A themed party bus can be customized according to the theme decided by the host. The party bus will have decorations to match the theme of the party. For example, a party bus with a Barbie theme will include pink lighting, pink-coloured food and drinks, and Barbie figurines. This gives a unique touch to your celebration.

VIP Party Bus

A VIP party bus offers the most luxurious experience of all the party buses. The interior of these buses is plush and designed in a sophisticated way. The seating is often made of leather. These buses offer personal chauffeurs and bartenders. VIP party buses are hired by those who want to party like celebrities.

Features Of A Party Bus

A party bus stands out from a regular bus due to its unique features. As the name suggests, you can host a party on a party bus. A premium party bus boasts the following features:

  • Alcohol: Most party buses have a BYOB (bring your booze) policy and a minibar. This feature allows you to consume alcohol while travelling.
  • Bartender: Party buses have a bartender who can make delicious mocktails and cocktails for you.
  • Sound System: A party bus has an advanced sound system to let you play the music of your choice.
  • Gaming Consoles: Party buses also offer gaming consoles for introverted guests who prefer not to socialize at a party.
  • High-Speed Wifi Connectivity: For an enhanced experience, most party buses provide internet connectivity.
  • Seating Arrangement: A party bus has a luxurious seating arrangement as opposed to the mundane seating arrangement of a regular bus.
  • Dance Floor: Party buses have a dance floor for the guests to enjoy.
  • Attractive Lighting: Party buses are adorned with LED lighting to give the vibe of a party on wheels. Some party buses even have disco balls.
  • Flooring: A party bus ditches the dull metallic flooring of a regular bus, and most party buses have hardwood flooring that gives it a premium touch.
  • Television: Party buses have LED flatscreen televisions for entertainment.


A party bus is a great way to party in style. Drinking on a bus ensures you party safely and is a great way to keep a large group together. With the unique amenities that a party bus offers, more people will opt to party on buses in the future.