Paris Tours: Make Your Holiday Unforgettable with Paris Guided Tours

If you are planning to visit Paris for a holiday, why not make it a thriller?  For years, Paris has stood out as the ultimate holiday destination with its plethora of attractions. Now, guided Paris tours will make the tour unforgettable by taking you to the most attractive, romantic and enthralling sites. 

Travel Back in Time Visiting the France National Library 

A guided tour of the France National Library, the headquarters of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France,will have lasting memories in your mind. It is a breathtaking gothic structure with four towers, standing at 262 ft above the river. And that is not all! 

The library houses amazing 14 million books and publications. No matter what you might want to know about France, its people, culture, history, and politics among others, be sure to find it here. This is why it has become the center for research by historians, academicians, and literary personalities.  

The France National Library tour will take you through from the underground reading rooms that are protected by gigantic walls to picturesque Coronelli globes. These globes were commissioned by Louis XIV. This is one tour you cannot miss!

Explore the Surprises of Gare Montparnasse District

No matter your goal for your long or short holiday, a guided tour through Gare Montparnasse district will be worth every minute. Every point has a surprise that will make you commit to one thing: revisiting in the future. Here are some of the amazing attractions on this tour. 

  • Notre-Dame-Du-Travail church with impressive cast-iron interior. 
  • Impressive Echelles du Baroque residential complex that was designed by Ricardo Bofill.
  • Jardin Atlantique, a breathtaking emblematic building with classic Parisian architecture. 

Visit Drancy Deportation Camp and Shoah Memorial

You have probably heard or read the horrifying reports of what Jews went through at the height of World War II. They were maimed, deported, and exterminated in the cruelest manner imaginable. Hold your breath because our guide will make you feel how over 76,000 were deported from France. Well, this Paris tour will rekindle those memories and make it feel like it happened yesterday! 

These experiences are a few samples of what you should anticipate. Reach us here to book your place for the most enjoyable travel.