Wondering What to Do In Miami? Check Our Tips

Miami. For us still the city of Will Smith through his song ‘Miami’ with the sultry voice of Eva Mendes singing ‘Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami’. The Spanish translation is not just sung in the song. The inhabitants of Miami consist of a mix of cultures. Cubans, Spaniards, but also people from Jamaica or Mexico are everywhere. As a result, Miami does not always feel like an American city, but sometimes like one from South or Central America.

What to do in Miami?

We have come to know Miami as a relaxed city, where you can have more than good holidays and experience a lot of cool things. Curious about what you should not miss and what to do in Miami during your own trip?You can also rent a catamaran in Florida and sail in Miami.

Spend 1, 2 or more days on one of the most beautiful beaches in Miami

Miami is surrounded by the most beautiful beaches. Think of white sandy beaches, waving palm trees, colored life guards’ houses and of course you will find an incredibly beautiful blue sea. You can find the best beaches in Miami at:

  • South Beach, the place to be and to be seen
  • Crandon, here you can not only go to the beach but also to walk or bird watch
  • You will find Bill Bags State Park at the tip of Key Biscayne and especially the old lighthouse makes this special
  • North Beach, go to the beach near North Shore Open Space Park (nice and quiet & lots of space)

Are you going to South Beach? Be sure to take a walk on Ocean Drive. Not only because you can see people so well, but also because you will find a lot of beautiful Art Deco buildings and hotels. Those who love exceptional architecture can certainly appreciate this.

To the (free) outdoor cinema in Miami

In the SoundScape Park at New World Center, films are shown weekly from 8:00 pm, weather or no weather. The exact location can be found on the corner of 17 Street and Washington Avenue.

People watch on Ocean Drive

If there’s something you have to do in Miami, its people watching. It may sound a bit unusual, but one afternoon on Ocean Drive you see so many special characters passing by. One woman is dressed even more scarily than the other, men proudly parading around with their pumped up muscles, but you also come across those gigantic Americans or people who may have stepped out of an MTV clip. Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at the road, because the most luxurious cars drive relaxed along all the restaurants and the boulevard. The best part for walking is from the intersection between 5th street and Ocean Drive to the intersection of 15th street and Ocean Drive. Here you will also find an overdose of restaurants that seem to have happy hour all day long. If you still feel like going after Ocean Drive.

Wherever you walk here, artists have made a gigantic painting of every wall. It’s great to see and it will all be even more fun if you go on a Wynwood Food & Art Tour. During such a tour you not only enjoy all the beauty with your eyes, but you will also be taken to cool hotspots so that your taste buds can also enjoy.