How To Travel Rome with Kids

Are you ready to start planning your first family vacation to Rome? If you have little ones you are bringing along, you may wonder if this is a family friendly location. Rome may be well known for their history with Gladiators and Stunning Architecture, but it has so much more! Rome is a beautiful place with amazing history and culture that has so many family-friendly activities to offer! They offer everything you could imagine, from Zoos to Gladiator Schools, you will be able to find exactly what your kids love!

Many parents can be intimidated when thinking about traveling to Rome with kids because of the long flight. When flying with little ones, here are a few great things to have on hand to make your trip a little smoother:

  • Books or kid friendly travel guide about Rome

A book or travel guide about Rome is a nice way to get the anticipation started.

  • Snacks

When most kids get hungry, they can get out of control! You can get each child you are traveling with a gallon sized zip lock bag with their favorite healthy snacks to keep them from getting hungry on those long flights. 

  • Electronics

When traveling on long flights, make sure to pack the electronics your kids have. You can download their favorite movies, so you do not have to have WIFI for the movies to work. Make sure to bring chargers and make sure they are charged before boarding.

When you decide to start planning your trip to Rome, it can be hard to decide what activities you should do with your kids. Here are a few activities your kids may love!


The Colosseum is one of the most popular tourist destinations for people visiting Rome. The largest structure surviving from Ancient Rome, The Colosseum started construction in 72 AD.  There are many activities for kids at The Colosseum. You can take a tour and see where the animals such as lions and bears were kept or learn how to be a Gladiator at The Gladiator School of Rome!

Bike Around Rome 

Take some time while you are in Rome to bike around the city and do some sight-seeing! You can take in the beautiful architecture of Rome while spending some time outdoors. There are even child-friendly biking tours throughout the city you can choose, that way you can have a guide point out the different sites along the way!

Cinecitta World

If you are wanting to take the kids on some rides while on your trip to Rome, check out Cinecitta World! This is an Italian, movie-based amusement park that will have you feel like you are right in a movie! Cinecitta Studios was the location where many popular movies were filmed, and at one point was the largest film studio in Europe. It has fun attractions and shows the whole family will love!

Zoo Bioparco

Don’t forget to stop by Zoo Bioparco, where you will find an oasis of exotic animals! The kids will be in awe of the selection of animals they will see throughout the Zoo! Much of the funding and resources Bioparco is spent in conservation and educational programs. Your kids will not only enjoy looking at the beautiful animals, but also learning about them! This is one of Europe’s best animal-based attractions and something the kids will love!

Whether your family chooses to bike through Rome or visit a theme park for the day, there are so many great options of sights to see with kids. They will not only have a great time throughout their trip, but they will learn so much about the beautiful history and culture of Rome. Create a memory your kids will have forever in Rome!