Places That Are Worth Visiting When in Northern Italy

Also known as Settentrione or Il Nord, the Northern part of Italy is divided into 8 regions, and every region is quite famous for having the best geography. The mountain landscapes, coastal regions, etc., and other such beautiful factors of this part of Italy have made them the most preferred places to visit during vacation. 

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Places to not miss while in Northern Italy 

Here are some of the places that you should not miss visiting when in Northern Italy. 

  • Milan 

Milan is an Italian city that is also known as the fashion hub. You will find high-end designer outlets for you to shop to your heart’s content. The place is also famous for its economic, cultural, and also historical factors. 

  • Venice 

While mentioning Northern Italy, you cannot miss Venice. This is a stunning place that is famous for its waterways, location, and also for its canals. This is the most romantic getaway in the world that will offer you an opportunity to go on romantic boating rides with your other half when in the place. 

  • Turin 

Turin is also known as the economic hub in Italy and is quite famous for its industrial centers. Even though it has been covered by economic growth, it has not lost its touch with history and has many attractions and sites to prove this fact. 

  • Verona 

Located in the southwest region of Venice, Verona is one of the cities that has beautiful collections of historical architecture in them. It is a place that is worth visiting and also exploring for more than 3 days. 

  • Bologna 

This is a manufacturing hub in northern Italy. Hence, a major part of the financial transportation and economic industries are concentrated in this part of Italy. This place is worth visiting and exploring because it has many architectures explaining its historical significance. 

  • Dolomites 

This is a mountainous region in Italy and you cannot find such natural beauty anywhere else in the whole of Italy. This place takes pride in being a part of the Southern Limestone Alps and is considered the most iconic in the world. 

  • Genoa 

This is the 6th largest city and is famous for playing a very important role in many historical events in Italy. You can enjoy visiting the aquariums and museums here while savoring the beauty of the historical architecture in the place. 

  • Mantua 

This is a little city and is nestled within the hills of the Lombardy region. This is an ideal option when you are planning a long weekend getaway to northern Italy. 

These are just a few of the many beautiful places that you must not miss when in northern Italy. Plan a vacation for your dear ones and make it a memorable one.