How to Spend 7 Days in Paradise – Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is one of the most beautiful locations Australia has to offer. Just off the coast of Port Macquarie, Lord Howe offers amazing natural scenery, kind people and culture, and a great sense of adventure. If travellers want a holiday that doesn’t sacrifice on quality while still being very easy to achieve then Lord Howe Island is the place to go.

Lord Howe Island is well known for its subtropical hikes, amazing Marine Park and fun activities. The island is easy to get around via either walking or bicycle and your days will be filled with a huge range of exciting activities as well as some much deserved downtime.

Day 1: Feed the fish at Ned’s Beach

Neds is a lovely beach which overlooks the spectacular coastline. It is located at the southern end of the island. The waters are clear blue and the waves are gentle. The beach is popular with local residents, as well as tourists and is a popular spot for families to relax.

Ned’s is the oldest fish feeding location on the island and you will feel like you are visiting an old friend when you step in here. This is a great place to bring your children, friends or family and get a group together. It is also a popular spot with locals who come here to enjoy the beautiful weather and have a bit of fun.

Day 2: Trek Mt Gower and look at the spectacular view

This is a great day out, and you can spend the whole day hiking. This is a great way to appreciate the natural beauty of this amazing island. On your journey, you will be rewarded with some truly wonderful views. There are a number of great spots to stop and soak up the sun and take in the views of the ocean.

The view is so beautiful that it makes you forget about your work or any problems that you may have. If you want to experience this wonderful sight, you should take a stroll on the trails.

Day 3: Explore Lord Howe island on a boat tour

This is a must-do activity when you visit the island. The tour is a great way to get to know the island better and explore the places that you didn’t see during the first two days. When you are on a boat tour, you will be able to see the unique underwater wildlife that lives on Lord Howe island.

Day 4: Kayak from Lord Howe over to Rabbit Island

The kayak trip is a good way to view the amazing underwater scenery of the island. If you are lucky enough to make it there during a low tide, you may be able to explore some of the coves and caves that are on the island.

These are perfect places to kayak and enjoy the scenery. It’s also possible to snorkel around the island. The waters are clear and you will be able to see some of the fascinating marine life that lives there. The best time to go on a kayaking trip is during the middle of the day.

Day 5: Play a round at the Lord Howe Golf Club

The Lord Howe Island Golf Club is a great place to spend the day. This 18 hole golf course is a popular spot for families, couples, and of course golf fanatics.

The golf course is one of the most picturesque golf courses in the world as the rolling green is surrounded by Lord Howe Islands natural beauty. The course overlooks Mt Lidgbird and Mt Gower, as well as the ocean foreshore. The challenge with a game here is not getting distracted by the amazing views.

Day 6: Take A Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Taking a glass bottom boat tour is a great way to experience the depths of marine life in an area, and Lord Howe Island is no exception. The tour is also very educational, and is accompanied by a guide who will point everything out and give you lots of interesting facts.

The guide will also enforce this knowledge with stories about the island.

This is also a good option to do if there is a day looking a little overcast as the boat is enclosed.

Day 7: Kims Lookout Circuit

This hike is an excellent option for your last day as it is not too strenuous but still stunningly beautiful. The trek goes along the cliffs of the island ensuring stunning views of the local scenery. There is also an option to hike Mt. Eliza, but this is not essential if you want a more relaxed trip.

This way you can get in any last pictures before you leave.

7 Days In Paradise

Lord Howe Island is a subtropical paradise with so much to do that you will feel overwhelmed with opportunity. The hikes and walks are definitely the highlights, so make sure to fit in as many as you can. The island also has amazing options for anyone looking to sit back and relax as well.

Lord Howe Island is a great option for anyone looking for a holiday that will suit everyone. So what are you waiting for, find the best Lord Howe Island package right now.