5 Accessories Every Paddleboarder Should Have

There are a number of paddleboarding accessories for enthusiasts to enjoy and, as the watersport grows in popularity, it seems that more are being designed and created each day. While some of these items are appealing and even stylish, not all of them are essential for an enjoyable, comfortable, and safe paddleboarding experience. There are some, however, that are.

Whether you are starting out for the first time or a seasoned paddleboarder looking to check their inventory, we’re sharing the five accessories that, according to professionals, every paddleboarder should have.

Paddleboard Carrier

For those with solid paddleboards, the experience of carrying their equipment to the water can be a challenge. Boards are surprisingly heavy and can often be twelve feet long, making them a challenge for even physically strong borders. In such situations, a simple and high-quality paddleboard carrier is the ideal accessory.

This sturdy band attaches to the board and loops around the carrier’s shoulder, making maneuvering and carrying the board much more comfortable.

Changing Robe

Even those who manage not to fall (or jump!) into the water when paddleboarding will still get wet. Many will even take to the water in their wetsuits being prepared for a splash. Such activity generally necessitates the ability to change once back on land, stripping out of wet get and drying oneself off.

Getting changed outdoors, however, even on a warm day, likely requires privacy and comfort, which is why many will bring a changing robe along with them. This large robe will not only expedite the process of drying off but will also offer unbeatable cosiness.

Dry Bag

Having valuables near water is a risk. This risk becomes even more apparent for those paddleboarders who want to bring their equipment along with them. As such, a dry bag becomes an essential accessory, containing valuables in a safe and dry environment, one that can be securely attached to a paddleboard. This means, whether you’re bringing along photography gear or food to enjoy on a remote beach, you can assure its quality is retained.

Inflating Board Pump

Having an inflatable paddleboard is a wonderful luxury, allowing the largest piece of equipment to be compacted when not in use. Such boards, however, require a reliable board pump. Manual board pumps will often leave boarders frustrated and tired before they even get out onto the water, whereas electric alternatives will not only relieve individuals of the chore but will often show an accurate pressure level (PSI) too, which is particularly important for comfort on the water.


Without a doubt, the most essential piece of equipment for all paddleboarders is a leash. Whether you prefer to attach yourself via an ankle leash or a waist wrap-around, connecting yourself safely to your board is a must.

In addition to preventing your board from disappearing in the event you fall off, a leash also ensures that you are never removed from a floatation device that can keep you safe in emergency situations.