From Tallinn airport to Tallinn City Center

Tallinn International Airport, which bears Lennart Marie’s name, serves as both the primary airport for Estonia and a secondary hub for airBaltic Latvia. If you’re traveling to Tallinn, this page will explain what to expect from Estonia’s main airport and how to get there from the city center. It handles over 3 million travelers annually.

General information

Tallinn Airport is situated on the shore of Lake Ülemiste, 4 kilometers from the city center. By European standards, it is a small airport with only one runway, four taxiways, and eight gates. Although it can handle bigger aircraft like the Boeing 747, the airport primarily handles smaller aircraft (Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-300/500).

Although the history of Estonia’s main airport dates back to 1923, it wasn’t until 1936 that passenger traffic reached its peak. The airport terminal has had two significant restorations over its existence: in the years leading up to the 1980 Moscow Olympics and in 2007–2008. The interior space was also changed, and the most recent advancements allowed for a three-fold increase in terminal area. Tallinn’s terminal is rather tiny, with no obvious food courts or shopping areas. However, every design decision was made with passengers’ comfort in mind.

Getting to the city center

From the Tallinn airport, you can take a bus, streetcar, taxi, or rental car to the city’s core or your accommodation. Below are specifics regarding each choice.

How to get to Tallinn city centre by buses?

Two city buses stop close to the airport, and the stop is only a short distance from the ground-floor terminal exit. To get from the Tallinn airport to the city center, use bus №2. If you want to get to the western portion of the city, you should take route 65.

The driver may purchase a single ticket to cover the fare or passengers may use their public transportation cards. Commuter buses that are traveling to Tartu also stop at the stop close to the terminal. At the bus stop pavilion, there is a dedicated vending machine where you can purchase a ticket.

By streetcar, how do you go from Airport to Tallinn?

In September 2017, Tallinn’s streetcar route No. 4 from the airport to the city center officially debuted. The airport’s streetcar stop is just next to the arrivals area, at the end of the passenger terminal, and it travels along Keevise and Lennujaama Streets. Tickets can be purchased from the driver. The journey there will take 15 to 20 minutes.

Private taxi transfer from Tallinn airport to Tallinn city centre

Taking a Tallinn airport taxi is another option for getting from the Tallinn airport to the intended location. Although it will cost more, it will be quicker and more practical. Through a unique website, you can request a car for your arrival. Many visitors who are visiting Tallinn for the first time favor this choice. And the rationale is that it not only eliminates the language barrier and is guaranteed to help prevent driver fees.

In the case of ordering Tallinn airport transfer through the site, the fare is calculated online and known to passengers in advance. There is no need to pay anything extra locally in addition to the calculated price.

Enjoy your journey by selecting the most comfortable option!