Facts About Fiordland that Can Amaze You

New Zealand is a land of many beauties of nature. Located in the southern hemisphere, this place has never failed to amaze not only tourists but also career-oriented people. 

Stretched for more than 13,000 square kilometers, Fiordland is one of the many wonderful places located in New Zealand. 

Fiordland National Park is amongst the beautiful places that are rich in many ancient forests and mountains. The beauty of this park is its waterfalls that slip into the gigantic fiords. 

Overall, the complete attraction of mother nature in Fiordland Park is in its snow-capped mountains. 


The location of this park is in the Southwest corner of New Zealand. The initial base of this park starts from Te Anau town and is stretched 171 kilometers towards the southwest of Queenstown.

This small town is famous for its cafes, hotels, and everything else that is proven convenient for tourists. 

Facts of Fiordland 

Here are some facts about Fiordland that can make you visit this place in your next touring adventure. 

  • Home of Great Walks

This park is famous for its multiple Great Walks. New Zealand is a country that has wonderful walks, and the maximum of these walks are present in Fiordland. 

The remote areas that surround this park are like the best backdrops for some scenic views. These three walks are The Kepler Track, The Mildford Track, and The Routeburn Track. 

  • Place of Amazing Sounds 

Sounds are created when the rivers and valleys meet the sea. There is an amazing sound that can be heard when there is glacier erosion. 

This is because of the ice and the sound is amazing to hear. The Tasman Sea nearby to this park is flooded by the glacial valley and the sound is quite mesmerizing to hear. 

  • The Wettest Place on Earth 

When planning a trip to Fiordland, you should not forget your coats and everything that can keep you warm. 

What Else to Do?  

Here are some suggestions for you to not miss when in Fiordland. 

  • Do you like the view of the long stretched fiords? If yes, then Mildford Sound is your best choice. It is located in Te Anau town and can promise you the best views. 
  • Go for scuba diving in the lakes in the park. You can discover wonderful collections of aquatic life. 
  • Check the available hiking and trekking solutions to enjoy the scenic mountains in this place. 
  • Take a walk along the tracks. 

Getting to the Place 

Getting to the Place 

If you are planning a visit to Fiordland Park, then you can do so by plane or car, or even by bus. However, while choosing any particular solution, you need to understand that the time of the year has a very strong effect on your trip. 

You can get more information on Fiordland Park by checking the manual of Oceania’s collection of natural wonders

Here, you can find information about many splendors that are found in and around not only New Zealand but also around the world.