Why should you choose an affordable and exciting desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

It is said that the United Arab Emirates is famous for being a place where you can enjoy the desert safari. In the year, millions of people are drawn to these locations. Despite the numerous economic crises around the world, a 5.1%  growth in tourists from abroad was observed. Dubai tourism chief Saeed al-Marri declared that about 16.73 million people would come to Dubai in 2022.

Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi warmly hug tourists from all over the globe. The stunning sunshine, the towering buildings, sprawling deserts, stunning coastlines, and the modern infrastructure make these cities worth a visit. 

Discover the Authentic Bedouin way of Life

The most luxurious experience in the desert Abu Dhabi deals from Sharjah give guests to experience a genuinely Arabian Desert lifestyle, stunning views of the desert wildlife and endangered birds, thrilling desert sports, activities, a finger-licking meal, and many more. It is like being in nature. It is a relief to leave the bustle of city life, and entering the desert’s surroundings is serene, uplifting, and tranquil.

Dune Bashing 

The sun’s rays that shine over dunes increase their beauty and convey an aura of peace. The sand grains are mingled with mica, which gives it the appearance of crystals. Dunk your belt and begin bashing through beveled dunes. Some of the jumps are extremely high to energize your body. Moving through twisted edges and incline peaks is an entire experience and fun for the crusaders. 

Quad Bicycle:

The quad bike ATV is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable activities. The thrills of driving quad bikes release hormones into your body. The adrenaline is amplified as you go out into the desert looking for wild animals. 


The most important thing about the most luxurious Desert safari Abu Dhabi deals from Sharjah is Sandboarding in 300 feet high dunes. It’s more or less similar to snowboarding. The feeling of sliding, gliding, and rolling across the desert is a thrilling experience that is beyond words.

Camel Ride:

A ride on a camel to the camp is filled with joyful moments and unforgettable memories. The vast bird’s-eye view of the stunning landscape is stunning. The view is of rare and exotic species of birds that fly in the air. 

Savory BBQ meal:

The royal treatment on the VIP Dubai safari gives you the impression that you were the King of the UAE for a short time. The dining experience is fine and has been a part of all seven-star luxurious hotels. The waiters serve a delicious and delicious BBQ dinner with delicious meats, juicy dates, and Arabian Ghawar. I’m sure you’ve never had such an enticing meal before. 

Activities for entertainment:

They add a little flavor with a stunning traditional dance routine. The soothing Arabic flutes that play in the background are refreshing. It is a great place to relax. Bellay performers, Tanura dancers, and Fire show dancers perform well-choreographed dance shows to entertain the crowds.

The top tour for VIPs. Dubai desert safari offers visitors the perfect leisure time to take in the thrilling desert safari experience, which does not place a burden on your pocket