Why Romantics Must Explore the Magnificence of Venice in Italy

The floating city Venice has an enchanting charisma. The tourists get a chance to see and experience a lot of things. A history buff, an art lover or a romantic soul can enjoy this destination and weave Venetian memories.

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Things to explore and experience in Venice


  • Piazza San Marco is a must visit. You will be awe-struck with the architecture grandeur of St. Mark’s Basilica, a dazzling display of Byzantine mosaics and golden opulence.
  • Across the Piazza stands the Doge’s Palace, a tribute to Venetian power and artistry. Here you can explore the opulent chambers, hidden passageways and Bridge of Sighs, notorious for its connection to the palace prisons.
  • The Campanile, St. Mark’s bell tower offers breath-taking city views.

Glide down the Grand Canal

Gondola ride is a must, when in Venice. Just talk to your DMC Italy service to plan your trip, including stay and transportation.

The Grand Canal flows around the city and has stunning palazzos lining its banks. You can capture the essence of Venetian romance as the gondolier sings.

Even hopping on the public water bus offers a different perspective of the Venetian life in a budget-friendly way.

Discover artistic gems

The Gallerie dell’Accademia houses masterpieces by Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese, while the Peggy Guggenheim Collection displays modern and contemporary art.

Beyond the mainland, you can venture further to explorethe island of Burano. It is a colourful island known for centuries-old lace-making tradition.

In Murano, you can watch the age-old glassblowing technique. See how the skilled artisans transform molten glass into exquisite creations.

Venture to lesser-known regions

Cannaregio is the former Jewish Ghetto. It offers an exclusive historical and cultural experience.

Castello has maze-like streets, charming squares and hidden gems like Scuola Grande di San Rocco adorned with breath-taking paintings of Tintoretto’s.

Savor Venetian delights

The culinary heritage of the city is rich. You must sample the bite-sized Venetian tapas [cicchetti] at the local wine bars. Savor fresh seafood dishes like Spaghetti with clams or risotto with cuttlefish.

Finally, for dessert try the genuine Venetian pastries like deep fried dough balls [Fritoe] or pumpkin pie [La Zucca].

Embrace Venetian festivities

If your travels coincide with a Venetian Festival, you are in for a treat. The world popular Carnevale involves elaborated costumes and lively celebrations.

The Venice Biennale is a prestigious art exhibition that attracts art lovers from around the globe. Even small, local festivals offer a chance to participate in authentic Venetian tradition and culture.

Venice promises an unforgettable experience, you just need to get lost in the landmarks and wander around the hidden squares and savour the culinary delights. Follow Dispo on Facebook to learn how past clients enjoyed their services.

Make sure to pack your walking shoes for a captivating adventure to experience the magic of the floating city.