Japan. Nappy Skyscraper in Kyoto

Kyoto is a city with 1.5 million inhabitants in Japan. It is located on the island of Honshu. Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan and the emperor lived here

Kyoto and the world’s smallest traveler

There are many interesting sights and places to visit in this beautiful Japanese city. The city is visited by tourists from all over the world. Is it really worth visiting Kyoto? The world’s smallest traveler decided to check it out.

Happy Skyscraper traveled a long way, because it arrived by plane from Europe. He was photographed in the most interesting places of Kyoto. Next to famous monuments and modern buildings. He got to know the culture and original dishes.

The Happy Skyscraper has been traveling around the world since 2012 (in October, it was first photographed in Manhattan, New York. Why does it travel? A smiling traveler travels the world to make people smile even more! Meet the Happy Skyscraper. Find out some information about him.

The Happy Skyscraper and Good Humor Party

His model is on the Internet. Just print and glue it, and then take it for a walk or a trip. And photograph in another place. What is this original fun for? To become a member of an unusual, most cheerful organization in the world – the Good Humor Party.

The headquarters of the organization is in Europe. More precisely: in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. It was in Poland in 2001, that is over 20 years ago, that the organization was founded. Her mission is easy and at the same time very difficult. Party members would like people around the world to smile more often.

The fastest caricaturist from Poland

The organization was invented by the famous Polish satirist – Szczepan Sadurski. He is an event caricaturist who still sees smiling faces around him. He is called one of the fastest caricaturists in the world, because he draws one cheerful portrait for only 100 seconds or even less.

Sadurski’s drawings are printed in newspapers (not only in Poland), he creates illustrations for books, and appears in popular television programs. For over 20 years, since 1991, he has been publishing several well-known magazines with humor and jokes in Poland. The monthly Dobry Humor (Good Humor) was the most popular, with over 200,000 circulation. Sadurski also does many other activities that make people smile. Currently, a film is being made about him and we will learn many anecdotes from his interesting life.

As you already know, Sadurski also invented a frivolous organization that is far from serious politics. “There are many funny parties, but only one is cheerful” – says the slogan of the Good Humor Party. Her membership fee is 3 smiles a day. And it has not yet happened that someone said that this is an unfeasible sentence!

Currently, the Good Humor Party has 6,000 members around the world, and its symbol – the Happy Skyscraper – smiles in other cities around the world. Yesterday he visited Montevideo, Uruguay. The smallest traveler has already visited almost 700 cities in over 60 countries, on all continents, except for Antarctica. He really was photographed in all these places!