The Top Hostels in Seville

Seville is also called Sevilla in Spanish. Seville is among the most frequented cities in Spain and hosts around 700,000 people. Seville has a long and complex history which is interesting to know about. The city was conquered by Islamic troops in the year 711 and the area was under Muslim rule for decades, which has provided the city with a unique aesthetic and cultural ambiance.

The old town is a jumble of buildings that date back to that of the Middle Ages, with winding narrow alleyways and vast spaces dotted with outdoor cafes. In the middle of the city on the sprawling Alameda de Hercules public plaza you can walk by two thousand years-old Roman remnants.

The top list of Best Hostels in Seville is available here to help you explore this under-rated Spanish city, while having fun and saving money.

1. La Banda Rooftop Hostel

A lively and social hostel can be found at La Banda. There are family-style meals served each evening. You can enjoy traditional southern Spanish cuisine while taking in Seville’s cathedral.

Additionally, La Banda features an on-site bar and cocktail lounge in which guests can unwind with local vermouth, sherry and beers. It is a great spot for those who are on their own and want to make new friends since there are games nights and DJ performances, as well as excursions to flea markets as well.

There’s air conditioning, WiFi and bathrooms with private showers in each room. You’ll get a great night’s rest thanks to the firm mattresses and privacy curtains in the dorm beds made of hardwood.

2. Hostel One Centro

Although it is an enterprise, Hostel One consistently has outstanding places. The one located in Seville is clean, neat and warm. There are a variety of things to do for visitors, including the nightly pub crawl, and an everyday walking tour.

Hostel One also provides an evening family-style dinner that includes international cuisine and Spanish food staples, if you’re not feeling like eating out or are looking to save some money. In addition, if you’re on the tightest budget, you can cook your meals in the kitchen shared with guests.

Privacy curtains are available, so you could at least try to have a restful night’s rest, even though the beds here aren’t the most comfortable with bunk beds made of metal and mattresses that are thin.

3. The Nomad Hostel

The Nomad hostel is lively and eco-friendly hostel that has some common rooms and is located within the city of Seville. It is a good choice for those who require a quiet space to work, such as digital nomads, as well as those who would like to be social in more vibrant and active zones. There is also an open roof deck that is bright and inviting. Employees host meals and other social occasions.

The bunk beds made of wood are basic (the mattresses are very thin and there aren’t curtains) There are outlets, reading lights and lockers to store your things within every bed. There are female-only dorms that are available, and bathrooms are always clean.