Best Travel Insurance Plans In Singapore With Covid-19

The borders of different countries are slowly opening, giving travellers a chance to plan their tours. Singapore is one such destination that many people could not travel to because of the pandemic. Also, with all uncertainty regarding the government regulations and outbreaks, they must have faced turmoil when booking accommodations and flights. However, the good news is you can look for the best travel insurance plans that cover Covid-19 and travel without disruptions. Need to know if what is the best travel insurance in Singapore with covid coverage, you can pay attention here.

  • HLAS CovidSafe Travel Protect360

The HLAS CovidSafe Travel Protect360 has three coverages; Enhanced, Basic, and Superior. The basic plan comes without coverage; the Superior plan has a maximum amount of S$1,00,000 and S$50,000 in overseas medical expenses. Also, you will get a decent cash benefit that goes up to S$2,000, paying S$100 every day for hospitalisation.

You get S$1,000 as an overseas quarantine coverage for the Superior plans and give S$50 as a daily payout. In terms of cancellation of trips, claim around S$2,000 and for postponing, you will get S$1,500. However, the basic plan will not give you any travel inconveniences or medical expenses because of Covid.

  • AXA SmartTraveller

In AXA SmartTraveller, you have the flexibility to choose between the Comprehensive Plan and the Essential Plan. Each of them gives different levels of coverage when you get stuck in a foreign land due to the pandemic. The comprehensive plan gives S$1,50,000 for medical services whereas S$75,000 for people with the essential plan. Under the essential plan, there is a hospitalisation benefit of up to S$1,000 and $2,000 for a comprehensive plan. Several repatriations and emergency medical evacuation services are there to access.

  • MSIG TravelEasy

Three plans are available under MSIG TravelEasy; Elite, Standard, and Premier. Out of all these, the premier plan gives the highest coverage. Every plan has some limitations concerning Covid-19 medical expenses overseas. Cancellation of trips or postponement can happen because of different reasons. MSIG gives up to S$3,000 as a reimbursement for travel inconvenience coverage. Irrespective of the type, you will access travel and medical assistance services.

  • AXA Wanderlust

Three plans are available under this insurance coverage: Easy, Lite, and Pro. Depending on the amount to spend and needs, you have the flexibility to choose the coverage level. The lite and easy plans give up to S$5,000 and S$30,000 respectively, and S$70,000 in the pro plan. An overseas hospitalisation allowance is given if you get hospitalised. The amount you get is up to S$3,000, which will relieve your financial burden.

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  • AIG Travel Guard

This insurance coverage stands out of all, and the four plans are Enhanced, Basic, Supreme, and Standard. Also, it has the second-highest reimbursement coverage considering the cancelation of trips. If you want to come back early from Singapore because you or one of your loved ones have detected with Covid or wish to cancel the trip, get a reimbursement of up to S$7,500. You get up to S$100 every day for two weeks under the enhanced and supreme plan for quarantine orders overseas.

  • TIQ Travel Insurance

The newest addition to the list of travel insurance coverage is the TIQ Travel Insurance. It includes luxury, entry, and savvy depending on the coverage tier. For Covid-19 incurred overseas, the highest tier coverage is up to S$300,000 and S$5,000 for loss of deposits and cancellation of trips. When trips get postponed, you get an insured amount of S$1,500. In quarantine allowance, you get up to S$1500 for a day. For repatriation and emergency medical excavation, you get up to S$500,000 in coverage for Cruise To Nowhere. Before picking the plan, you should look for all pros and cons and decide which one is the best. For any clarifications, you can always speak to the insurance provider to explain in the best way.

  • Starr TraveLead Travel Insurance

Travellers waiting for a long-awaited vacation can consider Starr TraveLead Travel Insurance coverage because of the pandemic. It has three categories; Gold, Silver, and Bronze and all can choose any of them. Within every tier of coverage, you have the flexibility to customise as per your needs. You get up to S$1,00,000 of medical expenses at the gold level. For hospitalisation, you get up to S$15,000. In the bronze plan, there is no coverage, whereas, in the silver one, you get up to S$600.

Summing Up

No one has ever thought that the severity of the pandemic would impact the entire world to such an extent. However, things are improving, and now people can travel abroad after having insurance. Like travel insurance, you may also check out the top 5 car insurance in Singapore to avoid unnecessary expenses.