5 Things to See and Do in Toubkal National Park

Immersed with magnificent historical culture and stunning nature, Toubkal National Parks is a symbolic staple of the country of Morocco. Here are five things to see and do in Toubkal National Park.

Mount Toubkal Four Day Trek 

The Mount Toubkal trekking adventures range from small treks to four-day expeditions. Day treks allow you to walk amongst nature exploring mountain ranges, intriguing forests and fields of juniper, walnut and pine. This incredible journey is not one to miss.

Climb to the summit of Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak in Africa and be encapsulated with a 360-degree view of the surrounding Marrakesh Plains, the High Atlas Mountains in the north, Sahara Desert in the south.

Imlil Cascades

Encounter the gorgeous Imlil cascades. These small waterfalls are located just outside the small Berber village of Imlil. Created by the river valley of Asif N’au Mizane, these cascades are a beautiful spectacle of nature.

Ensure you obtain sturdy footwear when walking the trails as the landscape is uneven and long. However, do not let that postpone your escapade; the reward is worth the struggle.

There is a clear path at the edge of Imlil village on the trail, follow the dramatic river, and you can be met with local shops that sell small memorable trinkets on your journey to the central cascades.

The Atlas Mountains view with a brown horse at the centre followed by a local guide Village of Imlil

Cooking Class

Delicately delve into traditional Moroccan cuisine with a cooking class in the village of Imlil.

Explore the fascinating culture of Marrakech by visiting the prominent food market of Asni to gather fresh ingredients.

A local guide will deliver you to the heart of Toubkal National Park, Imlil. The cooking class will transpire in a local village home where you will discover how to make the staple of traditional Moroccan cuisine, mint tea and bread. The cooking class will end with a fabulous rooftop terrace meal overseeing the breathtaking panoramic views of the Toubkal Summit.


Situated between the villages of Asni and Imlil, the profound ecomuseum engagingly promotes biodiversity exhibition and awareness through the power of education.

Immerse yourself in insights such as the geography of the country and the famous Berber cultural society. The museum aims to enhance the welfare and development of the local Berger community, protecting the cultural impact of this society on Moroccan history.

Atlas Mountains and Agafay Desert Jeep Safari

Discover the Atlas Mountains’ sensational beauty and the Agafay Desert by jeep safari for those who crave an adventure. A tour guide will transport you to the world-famous Agafay Desert, which is known for its juxtaposing rocky terrain and smooth white dunes.

After experiencing the fantastic atmosphere of the desert, a 4X4 land cruiser will continue your adventure in Marrakech. The tour offers magnificent views at every turn of the wheel while climbing up Kik Plateau. You will experience Berber culture firsthand and sample traditional cuisine of mint tea and homemade bread while driving from village to village. After appreciating the town, your driver will transport you back to the chaos of the stunning city.