All about car rental in Cancun

Check out all the tips and everything you need to know about car rental in Cancun, Mexico. Let’s tell our experiences so you can save a lot when renting a car, and of course, clarify if it’s worth renting a car in Cancun. In addition, we will point out the best car rental agencies and incredible price comparators to find the best car for the lowest price, what are the documents needed to rent a car, how to save on the reservation and many other tips so you do not fall into deception.

Is it worth renting a car in Cancun?

This is the first question that comes to mind from who travels there for the first time, but our first good news is that car rental in Cancun is one of the cheapest in the world, so you’re going to end up spending less than you thought! And as incredible as it may seem, renting a car can save you a lot on your trip. The value that you will pay for a taxi or transfer that takes you to the hotel and after the hotel back to the airport, will already give almost the value of renting a car for 5 days. However, you must first consider what the style of your trip will be. If your idea is to stay every day at the hotel, enjoying the pool and the beach, it’s really not worth it, but as we wanted to do some walks and get to know the city, it ended up being a big business, since we saved a lot by going to the places and we had total freedom to go the day we wanted and at the time we wanted.

Rent a car in Cancun: All the tips

The main rides are Chichén Itzá, which by car is about 2h 40 and Tulum, which is about 2 hours. The trip is super quiet and has some places to stop. Next we show you where the main tourist points are, being that the green icon is the hotel zone.

Travel with a rented car in Cancun

The hotel zone concentrates most of the tourist attractions, but it is enormous! To get there you have to take a taxi or public bus, then the car ended up being much better. With the heat there, the air conditioning and the comfort of the car really makes the difference. And for shopping malls, the faraway Walmart and other places, the car is ideal for coming back with all the shopping.

Important tips when renting a car in Cancun

Cancun Car Rental with City Car Rental or Playa del Carmen is much cheaper than in several othercompanies or destinations in the world, such as the United States, Europe, etc.. A good advice is to pick up the car at the airport, so you save travel time and also the value you were going to pay with the taxi to the hotel! And you already rent for all the days of the trip, as it often gives the same price as renting the car for fewer days.

Other great option to move in Cancun

Another great option to travel by Cancun, in addition to car rental, is to book with some transportation service, etransfers cancun airport transportation is good option, and better known company.

But it depends on the traveler, their style and the way they want to enjoy their destination, I hope you choose and enjoy your choice of transportation by cancun.