4 Tourist Attractions in Lembang Bandung Best for Family

Bandung is sure to be the middle of prey for domestic tourist destinations with all of the tourist attraction points of the city nicknamed Paris Van Java. Perhaps you have decided the option of Bandung tourist destinations for you along with your loved ones? If not, here are the 4 tourist attractions in Lembang Bandung best for family.

  1. CikolLembang Terminal Grafika

Do not miss this thrilling and exciting attraction in Bandung. Situated on TangkubanPerahu street KM 8, CikoleLembang West Bandung, this tourist place surrounded by pine forests is excellent for Jakarta capital tourists that are trying to find a location with beautiful, green nature and certainly calm and serene.

The primary attraction of the Tourism Terminal CikoleLembang is because it is an integrated tourist area, which means that your tourism needs like enjoying beautiful natural attractions, enjoying culinary tours in cafes and restaurants, rejoicing to play on several different rides before this place is also one of those locations Hotels in Bandung are very romantic.

Traveling here the advantage is you are quite close to various tourist attractions from the renowned Lembang, such as TangkubanPerahu, Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Water tours and Pine Forest Camp, and culinary tours SindangReret.

  1. Begonia Park

Friend pupil’s, if I have to mention that the Tourist attractions in Bandung, you have to aim the Begonia Park. Located on JalanMaribaya No 120 Lembang, this location is indeed phenomenal in several social media due to the attractiveness of these Mandarin areas, namely the expanse of flower gardens and exotic natural scenery and very relaxed atmosphere.

The tourist attraction of Lembang Begonia Park Is this location is among the various conservation centers of archipelago blossoms, particularly among the flowers from the island of Bali, specifically Balinea Flower. A gorgeous expanse of vibrant flowers is a favorite shooting thing for photographers, and here you may also enjoy culinary pleasures at the cafe while enjoying the beauty of blossom gardens and refreshing air.

Why do you visit your Begonia Park with? Your family, because this location has also been outfitted with outbound tours together with the concept of”Fun Treasure Hunt,” also don’t forget before visiting a home you can buy beautiful Balinese flowers as an ordinary Bandung souvenir.

  1. Mount TangkubanPerahu

A traveler’s friend, who doesn’t know the most Yes, even the mountain that’s Terminal together with the legend of Sangkuriang and its own paddle is very phenomenal and is now a prime tourist spot in Bandung. The location is about the TangkubanPerahu highway, SukajayaLembang, West Bandung.

It appears everyone already knows, aside from the Tatar Pasundan folklore Sangkuriang, its location that’s among the active volcanoes supplies a beautiful and charming sensation of TangkubanPerahu mountain crater. Having an area temperature of up to 17 degrees Celsius throughout the day, this place is very comfy for refreshing your loved ones.

Simple, making this location always crowded in the end, not during weekends or vacation season, regular days several tourists that are usually a group of schoolchildren from all over Indonesia to come here.

  1. Ciater Hot Spring Water

Ciater is a tourist area that’s contained in the administrative district of ​​Subang Regency, but its location is quite close to quite a few tourist attractions in Lembang, most of us know that. The site is about the CiaterSubang Highway. The area isn’t far from TangkubanPerahu.

Tourist attraction Ciater hot spring is certainly, as the name suggests is the existence of hot spring baths which you can enjoy as one of those natural spa spots in Bandung that are healthy because the water includes many minerals that are good for your body’s health, both bone and skin.

You need to know, Carter is among the most significant tourist places or areas in West Java with a site of ​​nearly 30 hectares with Visitors less than 60 million tourists each month.