4 Exciting Tours & Things To Do In Madrid With Your Family Or Friends

If you’re planning on taking a trip outside your country, Madrid, Spain is the country to visit. It’s a beautiful city of elegant boulevards and effortlessly manicured parks, mostly renowned for its rich contribution to European art during the period of the Renaissance. Most architectural buildings with vintage-like designs that date back to the late mid-’90s will give you the feeling of traveling back in time. Keep these once in a lifetime must-visits in mind when you visit Madrid.

The Haunted Box

Like how it goes with its title, the Haunted House is an escape room that lets you experience the thrill of the paranormal. With mind-bending puzzles and clues, the game only gives you 60 minutes, with a team of three to six players, to solve the riddles and escape the room. The chill at the back of your spine as you enter will give you that feeling of being watched. Once you hear moving furniture and eerie laughter, you will know you’ve disturbed the ghost. Remember not to leave anyone behind, or the zombies will catch up! Teamwork is of vital importance to quickly solve the game.

The Darkest Room

Most escape rooms usually give you riddles and puzzles to work on, that leads to passageways, and eventually the exit. This Madrid escape room, however, is different. How, you ask? Let’s find out.

  • The Experience

It doesn’t only test your ability to think, but it’s a room that also tests your senses in particular by removing one: your view. Enhance your hearing, touch, and smell in this uniquely designed room with locks, keys, enigmas, and exciting surprises. Above all, immersing yourself in this maze of heart-stopping excitement with your friends and families, and experience what’s it’s like to be completely blind.

  • The Room

The story of the game starts with the citizens of Madrid living in the tunnels under the city of Metro – now called La Madriguera – due to a nuclear winter of more than a century’s passing. The inhabitants – called Bats – have genetically mutated, losing their sense of sight and enhancing the other senses. This is because of the high commander making light as the most valuable and scarce good. The Bats infiltrate the Command Station by letting themselves get captured to put an end to an impossible prison.

You are one of the Bats, and since your capture, you only have 70 minutes before execution. In that limited amount of time, you will need to escape the cell, break into the Command Station, and leave with the necessary files to finally overthrow the government.

  • Business

Not only does this escape room strengthen your value of teamwork, but it also gives an unforgettable first-hand experience of what being visually disabled is like. With that, The Darkest Room is contributing to raising awareness of the blind by offering seminars to companies, schools, and organizations.

Museo del Prado

One of the best and most famous art museums in the world. The place has an outstanding collection of paintings, sculptures, and masterpieces from the renaissance area. Well-known artists like Velasquez and El Greco have pieces on display for everyone to be in awe of. Here are a few interesting facts about Museo del Prado.

  • It is designed by Architect de Juan de Villanueva as commissioned by King Charles III to give Madrid a Natural History Museum.
  • The setting of the museum used to be the market gardens. Thus the word “Prado,” which means “meadow.”
  • The Prado is one of the three museums that make up the Golden Triangle of Art in Madrid. The other two museums are named Reina Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museums.
  • Pablo Picasso’s painting, Guernica, was added to the Museum in 1981 but was then later moved to Museo Reina Sofia in 1992. The Prado only wanted work created in the 1800s.

The Royal Palace

The majestic Royal Palace in Madrid is the largest in western Europe and is one of the top tourist attractions in the city. With blends of baroque and neoclassical styles, the palace was built in the mid-1700 for King Philip V and is made to be the residence for the Royal family. Once inside, the lavish halls and the luxurious throne room will make you want to take pictures for you to relish at home. Speaking of which, make sure to turn the flash of your camera off since flash photography is strictly prohibited.

Madrid is aesthetically so rich in culture and history that you see it in almost every turn of your head. Don’t miss out on the Spanish Empire that roamed the globe in the 16th and 17th centuries and cultivated countries from the corners of the world. From Renaissance masterworks to historical buildings to creative ideas for entertainment and awareness, Madrid is a place to be.