Your Japan Trip: Find the Best Time and Opportunity

You’ve arrived to a place where everything is clear and unambiguous. As the land of paradoxes, the land of strangers, and the land of respect, which permeates every element of life and culture, the nation of convenience is a place of paradoxes. This may be the best way to describe Japan’s food, which is clean and basic, yet never simplistic. It’s a place that both fulfills and surpasses your expectations when you first visit. ‘

Despite the fact that they have the world’s fastest, sleekest, and most efficient trains, Tokyo’s subway system still uses paper posters. Even while the city is dotted with cutting-edge technical buildings, there are still a large number of traditional timber structures to be seen there. Here, we’ll help you make sense of it all and provide you our best japan tours info.

When Will Japan Become a Tourist Destination?

As of January 2022, Japan’s borders are still blocked to visitors from outside the country, and no one knows when they will be restored. A spring or summer 2022 debut is possible, although I’m leaning toward the latter.

It’s a good idea for anybody considering a trip to Japan at this time to have a “unconditional” cancellation policy.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Japan in the Year?

Winter may be cold, but it’s quieter, and you can get great deals on hotels and onsens, both of which you’ll appreciate more than you would in the winter (hot springs). It’s also possible to go snowmobiling or skiing, giving you the best perspective of Mount Fuji’s snow-covered summit.

In the summer, the weather may be unbearably hot and humid, but there are a lot of local celebrations to keep you occupied. It’s only during the summer that you’ll be able to visit Mount Fuji and enjoy the country’s many beaches.

Both in terms of popularity and quality, spring (March-April) and autumn (October-early December) are the best times to visit Japan. The cherry blossoms (sakura) and changing leaves of the trees may be seen at this time of year (koyo). Despite the fact that it’s busier and more expensive, the weather and landscape may be really stunning.

Prepare for Your Japan Trip Before You Go

Most countries do not need a visa for visits up to 90 days; nonetheless, you should arrange a return ticket in case you are interviewed upon arrival. However, it was the most friendly interview with an immigration officer that we’d had in years and years.

Plan ahead and reserve a Japanese Rail Pass exchange order (more on that later)

Even a basic knowledge of Japanese, such as the use of numbers, is useful! If you want to learn the basics of Japanese, the Pimsleur audio course is a great choice.

For overseas travel, you’ll need a driver’s license

Go-karting around the streets of Tokyo dressed up as your favorite fictional character requires this. Even though everything was completely out of control, it turned out to be one of the most fun experiences we had while in Japan.

Travel insurance is a wise investment

Make sure you have appropriate insurance coverage in case anything goes wrong in Japan’s healthcare system. We utilize and recommend Heymondo and SafetyWing (both available worldwide).

Stay at a ryokan (Japanese inn), which is a kind of traditional Japanese lodging (traditional inn)

If you can only afford one or two nights because of the unique experience and exquisite meals, this is a great option (and many can cater for vegetarians).