Yoga in Himalayas – Why you must try it at least once?

Yoga is not only about forgetting the past but much more about your stress relief. It has much more to do with relieving chronic pain, making you stronger ensuring flexibility and mobility within you. From weight management to improving concentration, maintenance of blood circulation to breathing issues – yoga is a natural healing tool for much of your issues. It is 5000 years old discipline practiced to unite the mind and body. Yoga moves are focused on balancing body, mind, and spirit – one way or the other.

High altitude yoga is entirely a different experience that any yoga lover can enjoy among hills of Nepal. It is the reason that there has been a craze for Mount Everest yoga trekking packages.One can easily opt for space above 5000 feet from any corner of Nepal and then start their yoga moves. With all snow-filled mountains, light sunshine, among the hills with an organic lifestyle around, yoga would be a set of different experiences of Yoga in Himalayas that you could enjoy. There won’t be sounds of vehicles in the distant space, but the sound of river flowing – indeed an amazing experience.

Here are a few reasons why you must give a try to Yoga at Himalayas.

Distinct Impression on Body Heart and Mind

Yoga in higher altitudes is stated to have specific benefits in major three areas – Body, Heart and Mind. The series of asanas and pranayamas are done at a higher altitude, where the air is pure allows the body and brain to be the highly oxygenated stimulating and cardiovascular system. It helps in increasing energy flooding into the bodies and then. The pure environment, with a lesser oxygen level at a higher level of altitude, creates a distinct impression making the regular yoga moves unique and oxygenated at a larger scale.

Ensures Spiritual Height

There is a Tibetan proverb saying, when you reach the top of the mountain, keep climbing. Yoga has much to do with spiritual moves. At high altitude, an individual will be compelled to get out of their comfort zone and get something new and special. It will let your ego flow and you will gain the next attitude regarding self-care, concentration, identification, and anchoring. There won’t be any sort of urban pollution and it allows your thoughts to be filled up with beautiful mountains, amazing landscapes and nature-filled. This would ensure spiritual height inside you making your spirit truly magical.

Separate Perspective

Mountains are a great place to explore your magic. An important aspect of a yoga retreat in high altitudes is because of fewer distractions. Here, you will have more free time, your worries will be at a lower scale itself and then you can practice meditation with a free mind. You will develop a different perspective regarding features, shelters and obstacles, nature and wildlife and get to feel that you are living a separate life.

Generate Extra Red Blood Cells

At higher altitudes, there is thinner air with few oxygen molecules per volume of air. Hence, every breath you take at high altitude delivers lesser working muscles. Yogas at higher altitude triggers the production of more red blood cells for oxygen delivery to the muscles. Hence, bodies will produce generating extra red blood cells. This will benefit from changing physiology.

About The Author

Aksharika is an avid traveler who loves to travel and explore new places. Since 2000, she has been working as a trekking guide for Green Society Adventure, a reputed travel agency in Nepal and has trekked with many nationals along the plains, hills and Himalayas of Nepal. Get in touch with her to talk about travels at aksharika[@]