Tips to Follow When You’re Going to the Belize Secret Beach for Vacation  

Belize is a calm and tranquil country located in the heart of Central America. A lot of tourists visit this place from different parts of the world. It is not only popular for beach life but there’s a plethora of things you can do here. One of the most important spots to visit here is Secret Beach. So, if you’re visiting the secret beach anytime soon, make your visit more enjoyable by following the tips mentioned below:

  • Watch the sunset

Don’t forget to stay till the sunset. If you’re staying towards the southern part of the town of San Pedro, it will take you hardly an hour to reach the beach a second time. Watching the sunset at this beach is one of the best experiences you’ll have in your lifetime. So, when you’re at Belize Secret Beachdon’t miss out on watching the sunset.

  • Carry bug spray and sunscreen 

You can’t underestimate the sun when you’re at this beach. It might seem very obvious to you but it is very important to hear in mind. Because it is very enjoyable for people to sit in cold waters throughout the day, thinking they won’t get a burn. But, you will get sunburn if you don’t use a sundress. Also, if you want to stay till sunset, carry a big spray to be safe from mosquito bites.

  • Stay overnight 

If you’re planning a visit to Secret Beach, you must plan an overnight stay. You can stay at any resort or hotel near the beach. You can also book rooms that are readily available on the beach. These are mainly preferred by couples who visit this place for their honeymoon.

  • Try water and adventure activities 

Belize is all about water sports and a lot of adventure activities. So, if you’re here don’t miss out on trying water sports. There are several water sports providing agencies surrounding the beach. You just need to visit them to book your slot.

These are some basic tips you must follow when you’re visiting Belize’s secret beach. If you’re planning a short trip, you must include the important spots to visit. However, it is recommended for you keep at least 5-7 days in hand when you’re visiting Belize.