The Places You Go: Top Vacation Destinations in 2021, According to Royal Holiday Vacation Club

While everyone stayed put in 2020, 2021 is a new year and better traveling times are on the horizon. Since travelers put off so many vacations last year, more people are looking forward to traveling this year over any other year in the past. And there are so many great vacation spots that will let people enjoy traveling once again. Here are some of the top vacation spots in the world to consider for 2021 trips.


This area of the world is unique and drawers fewer visitors than the neighboring Botswana, which makes it extra special for travelers. Visitors can see the sights from helicopter tours, boat safaris, and even game drives in four-by-fours. One of the treasures in the area is a 500,000-acre reserve with the largest elephant herd in the world, along with dozens of other species.


The crystal waters in Bermuda are never going to get old, and there are more experienced in the area than you might think. The island’s diasporic history celebrates culture, and there are all kinds of art tours, restaurants, and history stops around the region. The modern airport includes ocean views and outdoor terraces, which is a nice way to start any trip. But the vivid turquoise water is still what everyone remembers the most when they go home.

Coastal England

The picturesque towns, craggy cliffs, and beaches filled with fossils have drawn all sorts of adventurers and explorers over the years. For those who want a good, long walk on the beach, there’s even a coastal path that is the longest in the world at 2,717 miles. Some new hotels that have popped up along the route have especially grand scenery, complete with stone courtyards, rustic huts, and outdoor showers for an authentic feel.

Healdsburg, California

California’s wine country needs further support after all of the wildfires it has suffered, and this area, in the heart of Sonoma County, is known for world-class food and small-town charm. Some of the area hotels have outdoor living spaces, surrounded by vineyards and mountain views. Visitors can rent bikes and cruise the byways while relaxing the evening away with great food and wine.

New York City, NY

Around 67 million people visit New York City every year, but since it was the center of the pandemic in 2020, only a fraction of those visitors took the risk. But as one of the world’s greatest cities, it should bounce back and flourish this year, with more visitors wanting to take the trips they missed. It’s hard to see everything you want to see, no matter how long you stay. From Central Park to the Statue of Liberty and everything in between, there’s plenty to try, see, and do here.

Orlando, Florida

While Disney World had to shut down for a while, they opened back up sooner than many things with plenty of safety protocols in place. And while the Happiest Place on Earth is a great place for families, there are lots of other things to enjoy in Orlando as well. Universal Studios also calls the city home, and there are beaches, museums, and plenty more.

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