Spend A Luxury Holiday on The Resorts of Costa Adeje Located in Southern Tenerife

If you are someone who love to enjoy a resort holiday on the coast of southern Tenerife, Costa Adeje is the right place for you. It is among the busiest areas on the island harboring the most luxurious and modern resorts that anyone would like to explore during their vacation in Tenerife. 

The entire coastline in Costa Adeje is spread over 4 km where you enjoy some fun time with your family. Booking an Opera 60 boat rental is an amazing way to enjoy the ocean waters and bask in the beauty of marine life and coastlines when you are in Costa Adeje. 

How to make the most of your Costa Adeje holiday?

Here is a list of the most popular things that you can do in Costa Adeje while living in a luxury resort:

Book private boat trips:

  • Booking a private luxury yacht or a cruiser is the best to experience some marine life in their natural environment. 
  • You can also organize a boat party or a romantic getaway with your partner in the middle of the ocean. 

Visit Volcan Teide:

  • This is the highest mountain peak in Spain, about 3718 meters above sea level. 
  • Teide national park borders this mountain and is a world heritage site listed by UNESCO.
  • Many landscapes including the Lunar Landscape can make your visit to this national park exceptional. 

Go for a hike on the famous Barranco del Infierno:

  • This 3-4 hours hike is easy enough to take by people of all ages. 
  • The trail provides a beautiful view of southern Tenerife and includes many waterfalls, rock formations, and Canarian flora. 

Go paragliding:

  • Tandem paragliding under the supervision of an instructor is an adventure you must experience in Costa Adeje. 
  • You can see the south coast clearly from above and get a clear view of the mountains in Tenerife.

Visit the water parks:

  • Aqualand and Siam Park are great places where your children can have the fun of their lifetime. 
  • For young children, Aqualand is the right place to be while Siam Park is the best-rated water park in the world. 

Relax on the beaches and eat at the best restaurants:

  • After you get tired from the adventurous trips, you can calm yourself by relaxing on the mesmerizing beaches. 
  • You can swim and dive in the clear waters for an extra relaxed holiday. 
  • Costa Adeje is also home to the best restaurants on the island including Restaurante Limoncello and Le Club. 

You can also visit the authentic villages in South Tenerife if you want to explore the cultural roots of the island.

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