Mountain or sea- Which one is better?

When you decide to travel, you might be very confused about where to travel. As a traveler, what do you prefer: the depth of the sea or the height of the hills? Some people like to get to the hills and some prefer beaches. Many studies have come out with the result that an extrovert would preferably choose a beach vacation while an introvert would choose a vacation to the hill. But sometimes as an ambivert, people would like to take a vacation to both mountains and sea, hence it is very difficult to generalize this. To know more about traveling to new places, you can go through Blinkco travel ideas. They will help you find out the beauty of both sea and mountain. 

  • Majestic

Mountains and the sea are both majestic in nature. Sometimes, it is misunderstood that the word ‘majestic’ can only be associated with mountains but have you ever stood in front of the huge and never-ending structure of the sea? It is majestic and dignified too.

  • Endless horizon

You may discover the horizon from both the sea and the mountains. If looking out over the sea from a cliff provides you with a 180-degree view of the horizon, mountains do it in a foggy manner. Some locations on earth give you an infinite panorama of mountains and water to keep an eye on.

  • Relaxation

The other thing that we as humans frequently needs is relaxation. People can derive happiness by staring at the infinite sea or by enjoying the lush greenery of the mountains. Mountains offer the view of clouds floating and sometimes if you get lucky, you can feel them too. Sitting by the water and enjoying the slow breeze provide you with the next level of serenity. 

  • Scenic

Both of them are exquisite and offer nature the precise definition it needs. Anyone who wishes to see a spectacular dawn or sunset, please pack your bags and get beside the sea or on the top of a mountain.

  • Musical

Both are musical in their way. The sea provides music in the form of waves, whereas mountains provide music in the form of the chirping of birds and slow air flowing.


A mountain lover will always prefer a mountain and a hill lover will always love to go on a vacation on a beach. We all know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and it is solely the choice of an individual.