Jameson Vacations Reviews The Best Activities To Do In Nassau

Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas, is one of the most visited destinations around the Bahamas. From art galleries and museums to wetlands and beaches, Nassau is the perfect destination if you plan a trip to relax and unwind.

Here are some exciting things to do in Nassau

Walk Up The Majestic Queen’s Staircase

Built-in 1974, the Queen’s staircase is one of the city’s most significant attractions. The staircase is made out of limestone and has a beautiful and bustling marketplace at the end. There is also a very picturesque fort.

If you are into photography and exploration, the Queen’s staircase is the place for you!

Plunge Into The Thrill Of Aquaventure Park

If you like thrilling water rides and adventures, you will love Aquaventure Park! From children to adults alike, this is 141 acres of pure amusement and fun. You can enjoy the calm pools while your children enjoy the thrilling water slides. Be sure to check Jameson Vacations Bahamas to learn more about this.

Climb Aboard The Cruise In The Pirates Of Nassau Museum

The one-of-a-kind museum dedicated to the pirate era; you can join the crew with Blackbeard! The museum has various artifacts and wax exhibitions. The island has a great pirate history that one must witness. With the sound of the waves and pirate songs, the moonlit deck of the ship is ready to take on more pirates!

Visit The Bustling Straw Market

The Bahamas is an exotic place. Do you know what is more exotic than the beaches and restaurants? The marketplaces! Bay Street is one of the best marketplaces in the Bahamas. Stop by the straw market to find and take excellent Bahamian souvenirs for friends and family.

Explore The Blue Lagoon Island

Blue Lagoon Island is one of the most beautiful and serene places to visit while in Nassau. You can take the tour with the Jameson Vacations cruise and dive into the scenic beauty of Blue Lagoon Island.

Often considered the best place in the Bahamas, the crystal-clear blue water will mesmerize and calm you at the same time. You can hang out with the most intelligent sea creatures for animal lovers- Dolphins!


The Bahamas is undoubtedly one of the best vacation destinations. From a week-long vacation to just a quick getaway for a day or two, the Bahamas will never disappoint you. Enjoy the most calming scenes and join the wildest parties, all in one place!

Enjoy the specialties of the Bahamas at the spots recommended in Jameson Vacations reviews. Relax with the calming ocean waves and let the magic of the Bahamas unfold!