How to make long car drives with your dog a breeze

It’s an adventure to go on a road trip with your dog. The two of you off on a trip? That’s something to be excited about. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to road trip across the country or you have a specific destination in mind; your trip needs to be as enjoyable as possible.

Making a long car drive easy is not always straightforward, especially when you are travelling with a pet. A dog needs to have regular breaks, for the toilet, water, and the best dog food UK, too. The good thing is that there are plenty of ways that you can make your long car drive a breeze with your dog. Let’s take a look at how:

Keep A Positive Hat On

Some dogs get anxious the moment they see the car, as they associate a car ride with a vet visit. Whenever he gets in the car, it’s likely he’s going to panic that he’s going to see a vet again, and that can cause stress. You need to make an effort to make the car less frightening for him, and you can do that in several ways, including:

  • Visit friends
  • Head to a new dog park in another part of town
  • Take the dog to dog-friendly events
  • Explore a new area nearby

Start slowly and give your dog a reason to think the car is a positive thing. Once you’ve built up his confidence, then venture further for that road trip.

No Food For A While

The best dog food UK is terrific, but it’s not the best idea to allow your dog to travel on a full tummy. The last thing that you want to do on your trip is to clean up the dog sick, so let your dog travel on an empty stomach.

Plan Ahead

Long-distance travel requires further planning, and this means ensuring you have scheduled toilet breaks and food breaks. Work up to those extensive distances and bring a map marked with all the places you want to stop along the way. Bring plenty of water so that your dog won’t dehydrate, and make sure that you protect your seats with puppy pads and blankets, too! This will mean you don’t have to clean up too many accidents on the car seats as you go. Planning ahead is so essential for your trip.

Keep Him Safe

We use seatbelts and airbags in our cars to keep us safe. Dogs need to have the right equipment, too, from harnesses in the car attached to the seatbelts or a crate to sit in so they’re not sliding around the back seat. Using a barrier or a hammock can help to keep your dog safe in the back – no doggy ejection, please!

Having a dog that is comfortable and happy on a car journey can make a massive difference to the experience that you have on your next road trip. Take the time to make it work, and you’ll never regret it.

Infographic provided by Parts Via, one of the top trailer hitch companies