Four Reasons to Eat Salami

Salami is typically made from fermented beef or pork and a favourite ingredient in many appetisers and sandwiches. In fact, you can get the most flavourful salami sandwich at Jarry Viande Fumée Montreal. Salami is a high-calorie food with huge amounts of fat, nitrates, and sodium. Different kinds of salami contain various ingredients and spices, thus, its nutritional value may vary in each type of salami. But, even if others say that salami is healthy, others say otherwise. Here’s why salami is a healthy food option:

It Contains Lots of Good Fats

The best deli uses leaned out pork leg, pure back fat and real hog casings in their salami. They do not compromise quality for profit or ease. These restaurants take a ham leg and trim it down to 100 percent lean, ensuring their customers don’t get any chewy bites of sinew or very greasy salami. With pure back fat, the salami has texture that melts in your mouth and a nice contrast in the fat particles. Salami is the perfect balance of fat and protein with very low carbohydrates, which makes it a good option for people on a keto diet. 

It Has Lots of Vitamins and Minerals

Salami offers essential B vitamins which play a role in helping the body metabolise energy from the food you consume. It is known to contain vitamin B1, vitamin B3, and vitamin B12. Also, it contains phosphorus necessary for the production of both DNA and RNA. Experts found that a 28-grams serving of salami also offers 1.2 mg of zinc, in addition to small amounts of magnesium, and iron. 

It is Made with Natural Ingredients

Reputable restaurants and delis use fresh, never-frozen high-quality pork which is free of antibiotics and hormones. Their pork is grown by farmers who respect their animals and the environment. Spikes are ground on the same day they are mixed into the pork, ensuring the freshness of every ingredient. While this method is laborious, this makes sure that each bite you take is full of complex and bright flavours. A restaurant’s obsessions with ingredients guarantee delicious flavour and help customers consume fresher and healthier salami.  

It is Fermented

Some restaurants use fermented salami. This salami went through the fermentation process for a short time before they got into the dry box for a few days. Fermentation allows the formation of good bacteria and microorganisms that promote digestive health.