Best things to Do In Armenia For A Fun Vacation

Armenia lies within the borders of Turkey, and it is one of the exotic places for vacationing. It is such an iconic place because of its Caucasus region and beauty. It has historic sites, lakes, mountains, and museums! Name it, and you will get it here! The stunning landscapes and mountain ranges are worth visiting. Armenian Culture is all about friendliness and hospitability. It is an offbeat place to visit, but only those who are adventurers get into this region. There are so many experiences to try out in Armenia worth remembering. You will cherish it in your memories forever.

Things to do in Armenia

  1. Pink City

Exploring the Pink City in Yerevan is a dream come true for many travelers. It gets its name because of the active volcanoes located in the city. Further, the architecture is so magnificent that it portrays several cultures. The city is also called The City of Stones as it’s made of stone only. The modern architecture is so appealing and out of the world.

  1. Trying out the Armenian wines

When talking about Armenian Culture, you should try out their exquisite wines. It is one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world. Armenia is one place that can turn you into a wine lover. There are vineyards lined expansively. The valleys in Mount Arafat have rows of high-quality grapes grown. You can taste it all, from the traditional red wine to the flavored fruit wines. Take a guide to give you a complete idea about the vineyards and spend a lovely evening.

  1. Getting into the Armenian delicacies

Armenia is one place whose cuisine you should not miss when you think of food! The local cuisine is to die for. All the dishes are made from fresh ingredients, and they are served fresh to the customers. The containers use various kinds of herbs, dairy, dry fruits, etc., in their preparation. Also, meat and vegetables are used accordingly in the dishes. Morash, Lavash, et al. are some delicacies worth trying. You can try out the signature dishes in any Armenian café.

  1. Try out café hopping.

The people of Armenia love food, and you will see it once you try out different cafes. However, the coffee here is distinguishable from the coffee found in the rest of the world. The magic of the coffee is only in its preparation. Firstly, the coffee beans are crushed, and water is added. Then the coffee is heated in unique pots having a narrow top. The residue left in the bottom provides the thick coffee you crave. Also, the coffee is sugar-free, but you won’t feel it at all!

  1. Exploring Lake Seven

Lake Seven is also called the Black Lake and is such an enormous lake! The lake itself covers about 5% of Armenia. It is a freshwater lake located 2,000 meters above sea level. So you can take a cool dip or even go boating.


Armenia is indeed one of the fascinating places to visit. So plan your holiday soon and spend some quality time in the surreal land.