Best Things to do Dunsborough, Western Australia in 2022

Dunsborough in Margaret River Region of Western Australia is a fantastic location to base your holiday in the south west, even in winter. While the town is known for its incredible natural beauty, it’s a place where you can explore a variety of sports like mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing and golf to name just a few. If you are into watersports, Dunsborough is a paradise. Many travellers stay in Dunsborough because it is at the heart of Wine Country in Margaret River and enjoy the Margaret River Wine Tours from Dunsborough

Scuba diving and snorkelling are popular and if you are keen for some surfing, just a short drive away is the world famous Yallingup Beach. But that’s not everything, there are also animal farms, water parks and mazes. You can also indulge in many social activities when you’re in Dunsborough, with a variety of cafes and bars around town to keep everyone entertained.

A variety of tours are available that you can join, or you can hire a personal driver to get you and your family or friends safely around the region.

What kind of activities are available in Dunsborough?

Whale Watching

While you cruise up and down the coast, you can observe whales rising above sea level. These mammals look majestic as the sea shimmers under daylight. As the boat moves deep into the sea, the whales often have fun right near the boat. So, if you want to make the travelling experience unforgettable, you must embark on a whale watching tour. Dolphins tend to pop up quite regularly in this area.


You will find many bays around the coastline with fish swimming deep in the sea.You can cast a line near Castle Rock, Bunker Bay or Meelup. But, no matter how long you intend to fish, you need to be careful when fishing in a rocky region.

Retail Therapy

As you stroll through Dunsborough town, you will see many shops that sell trendy outfits. Once you stop by one of the boutiques, you can think about purchasing a wearable souvenir. You can also think about buying surf gear that Evolution, Hillzeez and Board Store design. But, if you’re a lady who wants to exude style, you can go through the vast collection of Laneway and Cove. You are sure to grab something unique from the clothes across the shops.


Surfing is yet another activity you must try out near Dunsborough. As you start gliding across the sea, you will be surprised at the pace at which you’re darting. When you’re busy with the activity, you can enjoy the breathtaking beach view. Many surf shops are around but if you are new to surfing, then it’s best to join a surfing school and have a few lessons to learn the basics. Dunsborough is flat surf so more suited to stand up paddle boarding, as are nearby Eagle Bay and Bunker Bay. Yallingup and Smiths beach are ideal for surfing and where the surf lessons take place.

Winery Hopping

Over 100 cellar doors are just on Dunsborough’s doorstep. If you want to enhance your travelling experience, you can opt for a full-day chauffeur service to get you and your group to some of Margaret Rivers legendary wineries for wine tastings. Such a private wine tourincludes the most iconic wineries in wine country. Some people enjoy riding a bike to wine tastings on a sip’ n cycle wine tasting tour

Which is there to do for families near Dunsborough?

Point Picquet

Located between Meelup and Eagle Bay, the strip of sand at Point Picquet looks magnificent with the tides. While the red ochre rocks look different, the green shrubs and the turquoise water enhance the location’s beauty. You can think about setting aside some time for swimming at the point. Besides, the point is the best suited for surfing only during the winter season.

Ngilgi Cave

Formerly known as the Yallingup Cave, this cave is situated between Yallingup and Dunsborough. Since its discovery in 1899, this cave has been a tourist attraction for many across the globe. Once you step inside the cave, you can view stunning stalactites and coloured shawls. You can also explore the underground wonderland along the boardwalks. You will also find some hidden marvels as the lighting illuminates them along the way.

Quinninup Falls

Soon after observing the Quinninup falls, you will understand why it’s a beautiful waterfall. Moreover, you can go for a challenging hike, and you will never regret the experience as the view is breathtaking once you reach the top. But, when you plan your tour, you must spend some more time exploring the waterfall and basking in the sunlight.

Canal Rocks

When you roam around this region, you will come across a timber walkway. The entire path traverses the canal and stretches right across a rocky region. Towards the end of the walkway, you can view the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean. While the area appears spectacular anytime during the year, you will always observe waves crashing relentlessly on the rocks.

Simmos Ice Creamery

As you come up with an itinerary for Dunsborough, Simmo’s Ice Creamery is the place that you must include in your wish list. Once you reach the spot, your little ones can always enjoy the playground. Subsequently, your family members will always have excuses to enjoy the ice cream at Simmo’s. Additionally, you can also organize a picnic with a fun atmosphere.

Margaret River Chocolate Factory

If you want to taste delicious chocolates, you should not forget to visit the Margaret River Chocolate Factory. Since 1999, this factory has been on top of every travel enthusiasts places to visit list. There is a cafe, it is a great place to have a good time with your family. Your children can also view through the glass windows and check out how people make chocolates.

Bunker Bay

Visit one of the most serene beaches or stay here at Pullman 5 star resort. Just a short stroll from Bunker Bay is the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse where you can enjoy a lighthouse tour or try out some whale watching

Christian Fletcher Gallery

This art gallery showcases the photographs of Christian Fletcher since the time he moved to Dunsborough. When Christian took up photography as his career, he mastered the art of light, composition and post-processing. As you step inside the art gallery, you will be fascinated with a vast collection of photographs. You can even purchase a photo to spruce up your living room or create a beautiful indoor space.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

You will appreciate nature’s beauty if you spend some time at the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. Moreover, you can take some candid instagram snaps with the sweeping ocean views as the backdrop. The playground in the vicinity will also entice your children to have a marvelous time with others. From the top balcony of the lighthouse tower, you can glimpse the astounding views.

When is the best time of year to visit Dunsborough, Margaret River Wine region?

Dunsborough, Yallingup, and Margaret river are all year round vacation spots. The only difference is that during winter, you might spend more time at restaurants, breweries, wineries and distilleries or warming up over firepits rather than at the beaches!